Will Jon Jones return to the UFC ?

For all your fighting fans out there, burning to know whether and when one of the most talented fighters of this era will ever return

For all your fighting fans out there, burning to know if at all and when one of the most talented fighters of this era will ever return to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), welcome. And for those of you unfamiliar with the UFC and Jon « Bones » Jones, suffice to say that the UFC have been the most well-established mixed martial art (MMA) fighting organisation for well over a decade now, and hosted extremely talented fighters throughout the years.

If you would ask a fan about the greatest champions in the history of MMA, Anderson Silva, Georges St. Pierre, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Jon Jones are usually cited (sadly not so much Demetrious Johnson). Jon Jones is probably the most controversial and polarising one. Remarkably, he became the youngest UFC champion at the age of 23 in 2011 and remained undefeated throughout 13 title defences. He is often cited as the most complete MMA artist in terms of skills and natural talent.

Even though his precise time of birth is unknown, his natal chart provides compelling hints for exceptional athleticism  (Figure 1) :  Mars (physical activities, sports) conjunct Orcus (extreme focus and resilience), both trining the North Node (i.e. fuelling effortlessly new evolutionary experiences). Now, Mars-Orcus aspects are also a signature for extreme dehumanised violence and lack of empathy, coherently with his controversial life outside of fighting.

Jon Jones natal chart

Indeed, his only losses that occurred so far are against himself. He suffered one official early loss due to an illegal elbow strike in 2009, and out of the ring, got himself in trouble with hit and run case, drug consumption (note that Neptune is squaring the Nodes; Figure 1), domestic violence to name the main ones. These controversies have been repeatedly plaguing his reputation as a champion since 2014. The following interview will give you an idea of his polarising personality.

Since February 2020, after winning his last three fights by decisions, he vacated his light heavyweight title to move up in weight category and hasn’t made any appearance inside the octagon (UFC’s ring) so far, despite rumours of come back, an active social media presence, and well, more controversies. So what is truly going on ?

An Eris transit is going on, basically (Figure 2, read my previous article for an in-depth delineation of Eris). Transiting Eris is now squaring his sun conjunct mean black moon. In other words, all inner conflicts and struggles Jon Jones possesses, including his worst karmic fears and self rejection attitudes are now fully activated and become visible in the form of controversies for the sake of him finding healing, inner peace and harmony. 

Jon Jones natal chart and current transits

For how long this will go on ? Eris is a very slow moving planet. It started tightly squaring the sun in 2014-2015 (flirting with the 3° threshold). Eris will impact Jon’s natal sun fully in 2027-2028, and its effect will then diminish in the next decade. So will Jon Jones ever return to the UFC ? Let’s just say that the weather forecast for the next five years looks grim and that a return will most probably require extreme effort and healing to overcome his unconscious destructive self that is being increasingly activated until 2027.

Eris transits are no joke. They define lifelong battles. Especially, hard transits to one’s natal sun (conjunction, opposition and square) seem to trigger deep self-recognition issues and blind self destruction. Their effects can be felt for two decades, at least. As an example, consider Serge Gainsbourg, a french musician sharing many traits with Jon Jones: extremely talented, widely recognised as one of France’s greatest songwriters, extremely provocative, polarising and self-destructive, as you can see in the next video.

Serge Gainsbourg died of a heart attack after struggling with depression, alcohol, heart failures and scandals for two decades (1970-1990) when Eris transited his sun by conjunction (Figure 3). He repeatedly made the choice of giving in into his auto-destructive behaviours.

Serge Gainsbourg natal chart

As for Jon Jones, only time will tell. I personally wish the best for him. Not as a fan missing his fighting performances, but as a soul being who recognise the depth of the struggle and of the evolutionary process Jon Jones is currently challenged with. Please be well.


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