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My research on a new and powerful technic for Astro-CartoGraphy: using the planetary lines of your primary directed chart, moving from East to West.
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Early morning at the beach, the ocean invites you and you respond. Soon, you find yourself floating in the salted water, being one with life. You close your eyes. Omnipresent waves pass by, some gently cradling you, some hitting you with a splash. 

When we are first introduced to Astro-CartoGraphy (the study of planetary influences spatially distributed over the world map, named ACG), we naturally cast the planetary lines of our natal chart on a world map (figure 1), as a snapshot of energy waves frozen in time. Yet, life is movement.

Figure 1. Typical Astro-CartoGraphy lines of a (natal) chart as provided by 

And indeed, astrology yields a plethora of timing technics to honour this statement: transits, progressions, direction and much more. Amongst them, one is particularly useful to integrate with Astro-CartoGraphy: primary directions.

Primary Direction and Astro-Cartography: the theory.

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Primary directions is a well known astrological technic (see the references below). For today, suffice to say that a year in real life equates approximately four minutes of subjective time. Hence, to compute your primary direction chart, multiply your age by four, and add this amount of minutes to the time of your birth chart. You now have your primary direction chart, which you can inject into your favourite ACG software to look at the transient primary directed planetary lines (PDPLs).

While you can compute the planetary lines of any chart in a similar way (transits, secondary progression), planetary lines from primary direction are by far the most useful, simply because they move quite slowly compared to that of other timing technics, from East to West (figure 2). Indeed, the effect of primary directed planetary lines transiting any given location are felt for four years, give or take. This should be long enough to include them into any relocation astrology consultation.

Figure 2. Using the same natal chart as in figure 1 and zooming on France’s natal planetary lines (1977). 1978 & 1979: same planetary lines moving Westward, one or two year(s) later according to primary directions.  

NB: The scaling factor, roughly equal to four can vary slightly (by less than 1.5%) according to the method used. This amount of variation is generally negligible within the scope of this study. I personally use 3.9425 as a better estimate.

Primary Direction and Astro-Cartography: cases study.

Theoretical reasoning presented above predicts PDPLs to be impactful over roughly four years in any particular location. I found this statement to be indeed accurate for myself and with my clients. What was remarkable for me to witness is that not only PDLDs’ effects last for years, but they represent a force to be reckoned with. Here are a couple of case studies to illustrate their influence.

Case Study A. Maybe my home country isn’t so bad after all ?

I never felt at home in my home country (France). It is not my fault nor France’s. It’s just the way it is. Challenging natal planetary lines from ACG and local space astrology that includes Pluto, Orcus, Sedna, Chiron and Ixion sealed the deal (figure 3, some secondary planetary lines are omitted). The cherry on top ? Saturn of France’s chart conjunct my fragile natal moon in synastry (not shown). Yet, despite all of this, I pondered over buying a little flat in France as a foothold in summer 2021, while revisiting my home country that has been recently good to me. Strange, I thought. Have I learned nothing ? I finally decided against it before moving to India.

Figure 3. 1977: using the same natal chart as in figure 1 & 2, only with AstroGold software. 2022: primary directed planetary lines of 2022, with Haumea AC crossing France (NW – SE). 

A couple of month later in India, I understood why, by looking at the planetary lines of my primary directed chart. Haumea now hoovers over France, and will do so for a couple of years (figure 3). Haumea is an excellent planet to relocate under, and my personal best. Hence the feel good vibes I recently experienced in France and my thoughts of buying a house. As this Haumea effect is transient, and the hellish lines described in the paragraph above aren’t, I am retrospectively glad I didn’t follow up on this purchase.

Synchronicity made sure to teach me well today’s lesson: in India, I recently met someone from Serbia who relocated in Bangalore twenty years ago. This person was experiencing new thoughts about relocating back in or nearby Serbia, and even thought buying a house there for a while. Looking at the planetary lines of both the natal and the primary directed charts, I unravelled the same pattern: unfavourable natal lines and a primary directed Haumea line passing through Serbia (figure 4).

Figure 4. Main planetary lines of a friend born in Serbia who relocated in India twenty years ago. As Haumea IC is now transiting Serbia, thoughts about buying a house in Serbia arose. 

Case study B. Relocating the wrong place at the wrong time.

A child, born in the U.S, just relocated to India in summer 2021 just before turning nine years old. After a year spent in India, it s now becoming pretty clear that something is going on. The psyche of the child became relatively unstable over the months, with strange behaviours emerging out of nowhere. A few months back, I noticed that Pluto was transiting the natal ascendant, yet the energy of this transit is now supposed to be fading and yet the state of her psyche remains precarious. Since, the child expressed missing the U.S. more and more, I looked in details into the effects of the child’s relocation.

As it turns out, alongside some challenging minor features (known as crossings) linked to the natal chart,  the child is now experiencing in India one difficult primary directed line after another (figure 5). The child just went through a Neptune setting line and is now in the middle of an Orcus AC line. At this location (Kochi), this will be followed by a GongGong line, two black moon lines (direction and culminating) and a chiron line over the next four years. Relocating from West (Kochi) to East (Bengaluru) will enable the child to dodge a few effects and reduce the duration of the process from four years to two years (figure 5).

Figure 5. Primary directed planetary lines (PDPLs) of a nine year old child that relocated in Kochi (X mark) in summer 2021. In accordance with the East to West flow of the PDPLs, the child switched from a neptunian persona in 2021 (dreamy, enchanting, story prone) to an orcus-type persona in 2022 (self isolation, repetitive behaviour). Moving Eastward to Bengaluru (arrow) in 2023 will allow the child to skip some of the remaining challenging planetary lines (GongGong, Black Moon and Chiron) in 2023 and 2024. 

Case study C. Suddenly hit by a wave of despair.

A young person in its early twenties, born and currently living in East Romania, recently experienced feelings such as restrictions, lack of friend, love, doubled by anxiety and depression. Now this pattern is only partly explained by the natal planetary lines (figure 6a). Living on an natal Eris MC line is indeed not especially recommended for stress nor anxiety.

However, the analysis of PDPLs reveals the full picture. A bundle of three MC lines, Sedna, Orcus, and Algol, initially located Eastward of the person’s birth location, gradually moved Westward and are now impacting the person’s current living location (figure b, c). Sedna and Orcus alone here are enough to totally match the feeling of restrictions, withdrawal, lack of friends and love. This feeling will slowly wash away during the two next years.

Figure 6. Astro-CartoGraphy lines of a person born and living in East Romania. A: natal lines that includes Mars IC and Eris MC. B: primary directed « planetary » lines for 2022 that includes the Sedna-Orcus-Algol bundle; C: Extended planetary lines of the natal chart. The Sedna-Orcus_Algol wave took twenty years to reach the shore of East-Romania.

On the benefits of including primary directions

Whenever I can, I read on the internet about other people’s experiences about relocation. And from time to time, the quality of life after relocating substantially differs than what was expected after being offered some astrological insights. It occurred to me quite a few times as well. As a scientist, it is for me an indication not to ditch astrology but to investigate further.

Let’s remember that astrology indeed is nothing but a predictive model, imperfect in nature, such as the models used in physics or biology. In relocation astrology, there are numerous good reasons as for why some routine predictions will not fully portrait the experiences of the subject after relocation. I will discuss more of these reasons in subsequent articles. Yet I hope you are now convinced that leaving out primary directions is one of them.

Including primary directed planetary lines (PDPLs) into relocation studies yields many benefits: someone whose wanted natal planetary lines are difficult to access may temporarily relocated under a beneficial set of PDPLs. Alternatively, using PDPLs may advice to postpone the anticipated relocation project based on the study of natal lines, say if the desired location is now under the influence of challenging PDPLs. As described above, distinguishing between constitutive and transitory influences helps directing our real estate investments. And nonetheless, gaining knowledge of challenging PDPLs can avoid early childhood trauma.

” Early morning on planet earth, the alarm clock invites you to wake up and you respond. You find yourself immersed into invisible ever changing energies, being one with life. You close your eyes under the shower. Omnipresent energy waves pass by, some gently cradling you, some hitting you with a splash. You turn on the radio and hear this song.”

If you want to know more about your current living location and whether it is suitable for the fulfilment of your dream.

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