Strawberry Moon Forever, act III

The last of the three articles related to 2022's Strawberry Supermoon: healing resurfacing karma linked to astrological rhythms through psychic readings.

Preparing to heal

During the particular energies of the Strawberry Supermoon that took place in 2022, each of us went through a set of events imprinted by these energy conjugated with our individual charts. Notably, I personally went through a strange dream showing me the aspects of my psyche that needed healing. Right after waking up, I wrote them down, especially that daemonic side of myself guarding the swimming pool.

When I felt it was my time to heal (figure 1), the moon and DSC were transiting my natal Chiron and Sedna (reservoir of healing energies easily directed towards emotion, body, and relationships). Plus, mercury was hoovering over my lot of fortune that got impacted during the new moon (intellectual understanding easily available), and transiting Pluto was now conjunct the IC (transforming one’s foundation). Good enough for a healing session.

transit chart - strawberry supermoon healing

The healing I performed was essentially a meditation mixed with healing energies. My only intent was to encounter and heal what had been brought up, so as to provide you with an in-depth example of one of the many forms a psychic reading can endorse. Here, the healing could be roughly divided into five parts: sinking within, meeting my daemonic self, encountering the cheater, deprogramming a termination script, and welcoming healing energies. May you enjoy the read.

Sinking within.

Connecting with my breath… Sinking in a deep sea full of love… Losing external senses, focusing on the inside. Inviting myself to take over my physical aspects

Encountering a first layer of fear. I let it run through my nervous system. Sinking a little bit deeper

The aim is to reach a level, a state, a depth from which I can encounter what needs to be. Primitive parts of my brain obstructs the energy flow, from the heart to the mind

The basic self-preservation instinct of the ego The fear to die, to transform and to heal I gently invite my heart energy in my reptilian brain. One step at a time

As I sink deeper, love is greeting me, an immense flow of love, that comes as a relief to my entire being. Loves heals, god heals

Tears of joy rolling down my cheeks as I am making the choice to heal, as I gift myself this opportunity Connecting with the swimming pool again

Meeting the guardian.

A battle is taking place there. My daemonic self is facing me again. Looking through his eyes. With true love.

Making the choice to heal, I feel instantaneously nauseous, strangled, oppressed. My physical heart contracted. A brusk sensation of disgust.

Taking a deep breath full of love. Asking my daemonic self: “Who are you ? What hurt you so badly ?”

Throwing up again, hit by waves of disgust. In other times, I would have rather died, rather than to show how disgusting. I thought I was.

What were the mistakes ? Brain is running wild… What do I truly hate inside me ?Shame, sex, cheating, selfishness.

Cheating on love, On the one I love. Inviting invisible presence to guide me. To whisper me hints during the healing, as I pass the gate

Encountering the cheater.

Past-lives cheating. Choosing animal instincts over a loving bond at the cost of my integrity.

I cheated repeatedly while receiving all the love, thinking I could get away with it. I was just damaging myself.

Taking you for granted, you nourish me with the love I can’t offer to myself. While I choose another one. You’ll be my mother,  She’ll be my mistress.

I once harmed somebody who truly loved me. She knew instantly, hurting really deep. I hated myself

I am expecting a baby with my loving partner. Despite her fears, despite feeling the cheating part of me, she chooses to love me.

She made a dream recently. A night, by the beach, pregnant. She was by herself, content, out of the flow of time.

Her dream reminded me of a state of peace I one knew a long time ago before it all happened.

Now I feel that the states of guilt and disgust are being deprogrammed. Am I ready to forgive myself ?

The termination program.

I always defended myself against being a cheater. Why ? I do as I please.

Always felt like being a cheater inside, deserved to be punished, absorbing random external punishments.

Again the nausea. Karmic memories in my cervicals denying me to rise above myself. I killed to protect my lies. I committed suicide rather than to face my truth.

The idea of exposing myself to god triggers in my nervous system an intense fear to the point of fainting and dying of heart failure

The refusal to attune to god runs deeps. The source of my self-hatred. The preservation of my individuality, my free-will.

The refusal to be god’s tool. My ego views itself as a failure. With a termination procedure. If i fail to transcend, to express my light.

So be it, I’d rather die. Erasing myself rather than showing the disgrace, rather than being an obstacle, to divine’s will.

If I attune, I die. If I fail to attune, I die. This is all I am about. A dying person, insignificant.

Healing energies (resume).

In my second Chakra, deep fears are rooted, In the sea of blood, I breathe and heal

The energy is gently flowing from within my heart Love is here, healing my wounded parts. I breathe, I heal.

After the healing.

Right afterwards the healing, I experienced some kind of discomfort. It may happen. I gave the space for my wounded self to heal. It took the space. I was momentarily merged with my guilty lifeless self. It was difficult for me to look into the eyes of someone. Fortunately, I knew it was just temporary, a sometime necessary step to evacuate the wounded aspects. After two or three days, I felt quite better, and stable. My partner could’t help but notice that I wasn’t triggered by many circumstances that used to trigger me before the full moon. I healed, I guess.

While transcripting the audio file of my healing session for this article, it retrospectively amazed me to link the text to the planets. Cheating is Mars trined Neptune in 8th and 12th houses; (Figure 1). Punishment of the self, self hatred, termination ? Mars conjunct Orcus in 12th squaring the sun. And there is Eris now in hard aspects with my natal Sun, Mars and Orcus… This immense fear of god’s wrath, so deeply rooted in my solar plexus, bearing its seemingly impossible contradiction (to die or to die). This is why I use astrology as a launchpad for psychic readings whenever I can.

What I call psychic reading is in fact an encounter with yourself, which forms are manifolds. Depending on your needs and intention, it may take the form of a healing as described above, an encounter with your higher self, some messages from your spiritual guides. For instance, during this healing, I also got messages from my guides, showing me how, through consciousness and prior to the healing session, I recreated a situation similar to that I needed to transcend. Having performed the healing, I feel at peace, now able to make choices that won’t compromise my integrity again. May we all be well.

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