Strawberry Moon Forever, act II

In this second article on June's 2022 Strawberry Supermoon, we demonstrate how its global energy translates into a vibrant dream about past-lives and karma.


In my previous article, I provided you with an in-depth analysis of the latest strawberry supermoon that just occurred in June 2022. As such, we saw how Its tonalities translated into a myriad of life events. This is in fact the beauty of astrology: the same energy pattern in the sky can create a whole spectrum of terrestrial events, depending on how the pattern (in this case, that of a strawberry supermoon) combines with each of our specific natal charts.

In this second article of the strawberry moon trilogy, my aim is to illustrate in details how a a global astrological event translates into an unique individual experience. To do so, I will showcase to you how the charts of this specific strawberry supermoon conjugated with my natal chart to create a very personal experience. That of being blessed with gaining personal insights on my karmic heritage, through the shape of a dream.

The astrological context

Context of the supermoon

The strawberry supermoon charts (of the full moon itself and the new moon preceding it) can be seen as transit charts with respect to my natal chart. Their slow moving components define the context during which the supermoon occurred (see Figure 1). We can observe three systems, all interlinked (described below). Chiron links systems 2 and 3, Sedna links systems 1 and 3, Eris, Pluto, Neptune and Haumea links systems 1 and 2. Meaning the energy may flow from one system to another, as we will see later on.

The first system is composed of transiting Haumea – Pluto – Eris – Sedna – Neptune – Saturn, that are all situated in the 24°-29° range of a sign, and that thereby interact with my natal sun, Mars, Orcus, Venus and Saturn located in the  23°-29° range. Clearly a lot is happening here. Let’s just note here that Neptune in 8th is nicely trining Mars and Orcus in the 12th, that can be channelled into personal initiatives to dive deep into whichever hidden or occult area of the psyche. I currently use this ability to generate blog articles on newly discovered celestial bodies (such as Eris or Orcus).

The second system is composed of transiting Chiron and Uranus (16°-17°) tickling my natal MC / IC axis, nodal axis, Eris, Pluto, Haumea, Neptune, moon, mean black moon and GongGong (13°-19°): sudden exposure to abrupt karmic fallout, healing and teaching. Hence this personal article on my karmic heritage. Finally, the last system is composed of transiting mean black moon, GongGong, Jupiter, Varuna, Quaoar (5°-7°) and my natal ASC / DSC axis, Chiron, Sedna, lot of Eros and Jupiter (3°-6°). Accordingly, new insights on GongGong and the mean black moon keep on coming, nourishing both the collective of humanity and my own persona.

Slow transits to natal chart, June 2022

Strawberry supermoon’s charts  as transits to my natal chart

The charts of 2022’s strawberry supermoon (new moon and full moon), are respectively represented as transits to my natal chart in Figure 2 and 3. We can note in both cases that the polarisation of the supermoon charts we discussed earlier is localised mainly in my 9th and 10th houses. A good opportunity to be drawn to write about astrology and increase one’s reputation, for example.

New moon (30th May 2022) and natal chart

As for the new moon itself, it occurred conjunct to my natal Varuna and my natal lot of fortune, meaning retrospectively that new insights on the embodiement of my karmic heritage were seeded. Moreover, the full moon occurred next to my natal moon and my natal Neptune, while the sun transited next to my natal mean black moon. Hence, perhaps the following dream I experienced the night after.

Strawberry supermoon 2022 and natal chart

Translation of the astrological context into a dream


The last couple of days before the exact opposition of the sun and the moon had been really rough. I could only manage to sleep four hours per night. The quality of my sleep was horrendous. To top it all, I was experiencing one karmic fall after another.

What is a karmic fall ? Imagine you are cleaning the chimney of your house and suddenly, all the soot falls down on you, obstructing your vision and covering you with dirt. The soot is the karma and the dirt, the negative thoughts and emotions from your past-lives that you still need to process. Mine took the form of an unexplainable and irrational rage against god, myself, and pretty much the entire world.

Now luckily, I recognised I was experiencing karmic falls. This enabled me to go through those days mostly without translating my negative thoughts and emotions into actions. Then, a couple of hours after the full moon occurred (June 14th at 4pm, Indian standard time), I felt some form of release gradually setting in, and the following night, I had a very particular dream, full of insights.

The dream itself

Now the dream was in fact an astral journey that I remembered fully just after waking up.  I travelled into what seemed to be a building the size of an immense mall, more complex, with multiple tones or districts in it. One district all made of concrete, emerging straight from a Stalinian nightmare, contained an immense olympian sized swimming pool, only much deeper. Other districts had the setting of a classroom, the hall of an immense shopping mall, and in each district, I would join a group of student and concentrate on performing a collective task under the supervision of someone.

As I and two female colleagues were transiting from one task to another, the « swimming accident » happened. I made an egotistical joke to one of them, and as a result, I immediately lost sight of them and got lost. After trying unsuccessfully to join other tasks,  I finally reached the swimming pool. Five unknown women were floating in a trance, naked, and seemingly deprived of their substance. Quickly, I switched my attention towards the concrete floor next to the pool.  It was partially fused with a green rectangular demonic pattern displaying notes of purples and an eye at the center. The entire rectangle was about 3 meter wide and 4 meter long, and the pattern within was alive and moving. Half a dozen unfriendly presences were guarding that rectangular glow.

Unafraid, I step on the rectangle, and think out loud « oh, this is how you defeat him, you make yourself bigger than him », looking at the corners of the rectangle. This prompted one of the guarding presences to hurl at me. Unfazed, I start grappling with him, and we exchange a few words while fighting as he endorses my physiognomy. Then suddenly, his face changes again into that of a dead old man as he swiftly and deceptively showcases some fighting skills that I did not foresee. The last thing I remember before waking up is the closeness of his death gaze, a few centimetres away from my face. Immediately after waking up, I collected my thoughts, so as to prepare myself for the healing at hand.


Expectedly, one of the numerous manifestations of the Strawberry supermoon I experienced, took the form of a dream (Neptune) with tasks to fulfil (Saturn) showing me the karma (mean black moon) I needed to heal (Chiron). After all, Neptune, Saturn and Chiron were all key planets this month of June (as described here). Plus the full moon took place in my natal 5th house (sex) with Neptune and the moon as tenants (dreams) and with the sun (consciousness) next to my mean black moon (karma).

In this article, I revealed the details of how an astrological pattern, such as that of the latest strawberry supermoon, translates into an actual individual event, such as my dream. I also highlighted here how astrological rhythms are tightly intertwined with opportunities to heal (our karma for instance), hence the reason why I offer both astrology and psychic readings. Stay tuned for my third and final article linked to this Strawberry Supermoon, in which I will report my healing experience.

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