Strawberry Moon Forever, act I

First post about June's 2022 strawberry supermoon out of a serie of three. Learn about strawberry supermoon, its astrological tonalities, and associated events.

What is a strawberry supermoon ?

Mid-June of 2022, the world could witness a strawberry supermoon. It was all over the news, but in case you missed it or don’t know what it is, don’t worry, I got you covered. Simply put, a strawberry moon, generally pink in colour, is the full moon that occurs in June, and a supermoon is a full moon that occurs when the moon is at its closest to earth. It so turns out that the full moon that we just witnessed was a combination of these two occurrences.

« Strawberry supermoon » sounds very nice and all. Photographers polished their lenses, spiritually inclined people prepared their full moon celebration rituals. Only thing was that this full moon was retrospectively no picnic, as far as I can tell. In fact, many of us experienced discomforts or worst during the two-three days during which it took place.

So what exactly happened ? Let’s have a more in depth look at the charts of (i) the new moon that preceded the strawberry supermoon; (ii) of the strawberry full moon itself. And then, let’s see how the tonality associated with these astrological charts manifested in my surroundings.

"As you sow, ..." : the new moon seed.

Every time the moon meets the sun, a seed is planted. During the following month, it will develop, blossom (the full moon), mature and eventually make space for another seed to be planted. The chart corresponding to the seed, or potentialities, for June 2022 is shown in Figure 1. Without going into the details of a full chart analysis, let’s take note of the key features of the new moon that preceded June’s strawberry supermoon.

Strawberry supermoon 2022: new moon.

First, the chart is extremely polarised: all the seven moving bodies in the sky that are visible with the naked eye (sun, moon, and from mercury to Saturn) and a few others (Uranus, Neptune, Chiron for instance) are concentrated into less than a third of the chart. This pattern is known in astrology as the bundle pattern, and indicative of a strong pull towards its middle component, Chiron (see below).

Here, the midpoint between the leading and trailing bodies delimitating the bundle, respectively Saturn and the Sun – Moon conjunction, is on Chiron (wounding, healing, natural lore and knowledge) which is now transiting natal Eris (strife, discord) for many of us adults. Hence a polarised month towards healing deep personal conflicts and discordances.

Moreover, Saturn, the leading planet of the bundle is tightly squaring Mercury retrograde, bringing the challenge of talking the talk and walking the walk into the equation. Notice as well the aggregate of Mercury with the North Node, Uranus and Sedna, trowing into the mix the manifestation of unexpected news with the theme of sacrifice, victimisation or service.

Aside the bundle, let’s also note that the new moon is squaring Orcus and GongGong, thus confronting us with our personal imprisonments, mental blockages and life-altering events. Plus, the midpoint of Haumea and Pluto, engaged in a tight square aspect, is opposite the new moon. Hence, this month’s events may give us the impression to have nothing to do with empowerment, control, rebirth and abundance.

"... So shall you reap": the full moon harvest.

Now that we covered the ingredients of the potentialities of the month of June 2022, let’s study in a similar fashion the chart of the strawberry supermoon to unravel how these potentialities can be embodied. The strawberry supermoon’s chart is shown in Figure 2.

Strawberry supermoon 2022: full moon chart

First things first: it is the chart of a supermoon. Meaning the moon is big, meaning the manifestation of whatever is manifested will be quite obvious and prominent. Again, the chart is polarised, comparatively slightly less than that of the preceding new moon. The pattern is now that of a bowl, with the moon and sun being the leading and trailing planets.

Neptune is clearly the focal planet of the bowl, engaged in a T-square aspect with the sun and the moon. Thus, we may experience the full spectrum of Neptunian qualities in the events of the full moon: altered dreams, blur, short-sightedness, idealisation and deception, all of which may challenge our emotional state (moon) and our core source of energy (sun).

Note that as such, Neptune is at the epicentre of two minor grand trines. One composed of the sun, Saturn and Eris as the focal planet: our responsibility and choice to live in harmony. Another composed of the moon, Eris and Saturn as the focal planet: taking responsibility for our conflicting thoughts and emotions for instance. As Saturn just turned retrograde between the new and the full moon, we might be given an opportunity to redefine our sense of responsibility during the events of the full moon.

Finally, let’s note that GongGong is on the symmetrical axis defined by the sun, the moon, and the south and north nodes. Some of us may experience some month-altering, or even life-altering events during the full moon.

Manifestations of the strawberry supermoon.

Now that we derived the tonalities of the month of June 2002, let’s look at some real life experiences. I will now share what I witnessed in my close vicinity so far, three days after the strawberry supermoon occurred.

Events around me.

A client bought a horse in perfect health, with which she feels she has a soul connection. Then a friend of hers had a sudden vivid dream about her purchase, called her and urged her to sell the horse, that it was a rip-off and that the horse was in poor shape. She just learned that the horse has indeed a fracture, resulting in money-loss and added responsibility. She now intends to move from France to Mexico, with the horse.

Three friends of my spouse got suddenly hit by cancer diagnosis and depression. I won’t go in much details as to respect their privacy. Suffice to say that these sudden diagnosis brought up to the surface matters of responsibility, age, life-altering events, abrupt changes and communication.

Events in my house.

My spouse’s daughter caught a flu, as well as half her schoolmates on the same school bus. As the information we gathered from other parents were unclear and conflicting, we were unsure whether it was due to COVID-19 or a simple seasonal flu, and faced with the responsibility of getting her off school for a day to get her tested, at the cost of time and money. We ended up getting her tested and the results were negative

Beginning of June, we hired a maid to ease the process of our current pregnancy and future child birth. Responsibility and reliability were obviously two decisive factors we asked for. She was supposed to show up last Monday (June the 13th). She didn’t and we did not have her cell phone. Then it turns out that a misunderstanding occurred: she wasn’t supposed to work for us, but to send an acquaintance of hers. After a beautiful first encounter on Thursday (June the 16th), our second potential maid didn’t show up the next morning and her cell phone was turned off.

But perhaps the funniest example we went through was me losing the keys of our house on Monday night, while we were all out. We were locked out, and had to creatively break in our own house during nighttime. Three days later, I unexpectedly found the keys I was looking for in the only pocket left unchecked of my new bag pack. I had the keys with me in my bag’s pocket all along.


In this article, I seize the opportunity that comes along the richness of the event associated with the most recent strawberry supermoon to illustrate how tonalities related to astrological configurations (that are common for all of us and linked mainly to Neptune, Saturn, Mercury, GongGong, Uranus and a few other celestial bodies), translated into a myriad of materialised events around me. I left a few examples out, of similar nature.

Granted, the examples were mostly unsettling, as my spouse and I are currently going through our natal luminaries being aspected by Eris. Hopefully, your experience of June’s 2022 full moon was more peaceful. Still we estimate ourselves lucky that we didn’t face life-altering events first handedly so far. I hope you enjoyed the read and found it enriching.

As the title suggest, a second strawberry supermoon article is heading your way, in which I will provide you with a detailed and personal example of the psyche at work during this particular full moon. Stay tuned, and in case you didn’t catch the reference related to the title, click here for a musical interlude.


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