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In today’s weekly video, we will be taking a closer look at a fascinating dwarf planet in the confines of our solar system: Sedna.

Sedna, one of the most distant known object in our solar system, is a mysterious and fascinating celestial body that has captivated the attention of astronomers, mythologists, and astrologers alike. In this new video, we will take a journey to the outer reaches of our solar system to explore the science, stories, and symbolism behind Sedna.

Importantly, I will share with you my latest insight about my direct experimentation with the activation of Sedna: that Sedna is, simply put, a gateway to the universal reservoir of Christic Energy.

I hope that by the end of watching this video, you will be convinced that Sedna is a major player in human evolution and in shaping our future, one that we will dearly need to tap into in these times of global transition.

God bless,


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