Relocation astrology: how to change your life.

Relocating at the right place will change your life. Find out why the emerging field of relocation astrology is such a big deal and is here to stay.


Astrology, the art of deciphering the symbolic language of the cosmos and its translation into terrestrial matters, bred many subfields over millennia. A recently emerged one, named relocation astrology, has been growing rapidly over the last decades. It studies how our current location correlates with the quality of our life experiences. And quite interestingly, it is now becoming more and more clear that relocating more than 300 kilometers away may redefine our life experiences.

In other words, given our ability to relocate, we can modulate our chart and thereby change our life at a very profound level. For instance, you can relocate under a well aspected Jupiter in the 10th house and enjoy naturally expansion in your career. Or, as we will see, from my examples given below, you can unknowingly stay in an unfavourable location and struggle indefinitely.

Here, I will share with you how I came to realise the power of astrology, and more specifically, relocation astrology, first handedly. I will then focus on a few selected examples to showcase the fact that relocation astrology is, up to my current knowledge, the most potent tool out there to redefine our life, hence the strong assertion in today’s title. Finally, I will discuss the consequences of having such a powerful tool at our disposal, as well as its rightful utilisation. I hope you enjoy the read.

Realising the power of (relocation) astrology.

Falling from grace.

In late 2017, spiritual hubris crept upon me. The most impressive and accurate medium I have ever encountered was one of my closest friend. After 15 years of diverse therapies, I was now deep into cellular reprogramming, as well as quantum and past-life healings. I had been practicing channeling for a couple of years and now could have a crystal-clear conversation with entities such as archangels. I felt empowered and in control, at last. At that time, I was only casually studying astrology: after all, I already knew I had past-lives as an astrologer, so why bother ? Just channel your akashic knowledge when you need it.

Though I was making progress on the surface, deep down inside I was being oblivious about what was truly happening within me. My state was worsening and I was in denial. For instance, I felt truly more and more miserable and unhappy without knowing why. Plus, I felt like imminent doom was pending. Like an ever increasing stress for survival,. To top it all, the more I was trying to heal, the worse it got. During winter 2017-2018, a wave of depression hit me, my spiritual activities were a failure business wise, and I got blackmailed in early 2018.

The blackmailing started a chain reaction. My suppressed rage, unhappiness, anger at god and ungratefulness was now unleashed. I hated the fact that I hadn’t been warned of what was happening through mediumship, and started to lose trust in my spiritual guides. This led me to disdain my medium friend which cost me not only her guidance but also her friendship, and my spiritual family who once welcomed me was now turning its backs on me. Plus, the spiritual abilities I was enjoying for some time were vanishing one after another. It was time for me to leave. I sold everything and decided to travel the world. In my bag, a couple of astrology books, a bunch of clothes and a plane ticket to Brazil.

What happened from an astrological perspective.

After some years of studying astrology, I could finally draw a clear picture of what happened. Here is a non-exhaustive summary, looking at my transits in early 2018  (Figure 1), combined with my current location at that time (Figure 2), using modern western astrology.

Fig 1 - relocation - Astro-Jay

Figure 1. My natal chart (inner ring) and the transits of slow moving components in early 2018. See text for a highlight of meaningful transits.

In a nutshell, transiting Pluto and Eris formed a transiting Grand Cross with my natal Mars – Orcus in 12th squaring my natal sun in the 3rd. Eris – Sun hard aspects, that often lead to a blind self-destruction, were complemented by hard aspects of both Orcus (torture, imprisonment, alienation, prayers left unanswered) ,Pluto (death, transformation) and Haumea (rebirth, spiritual abundance, overcoming a fear). Plus, transiting Neptune in the 8th house squared my natal Neptune (resulting in my case into blurred and dark mediumnic perceptions). Note that Pluto, Eris and Orcus are conjunct angles in my natal chart (figure 1), making them that much personal and impactful. Remarkably, I discovered that I unknowingly maximised the effects of Orcus, Pluto and Eris by living at the crossroad of their planetary lines for twenty years (figure 2).

Fig2 - relocation - Astro-Jay

Figure 2. Main planetary lines in early 2018. After 12 years in Lyon (1998-2010), I relocated unknowingly in Vaud, Switzerland for 8 years (2010-2018), notably in resonance with Pluto IC, Eris MC and Orcus ASC lines.

Thus, I have been living for 20-30 years under extremely challenging planetary lines (Orcus, Pluto and Eris). During this time, I instinctively channeled their energy the best I could (PhD thesis, therapies, spiritual practices), while being mostly unhappy and joyless. When the above described transits impacted me, amplified by fragile terrain, I was overwhelmed, and instinctively relocated.

Relocation astrology correlates with life experiences.

Throughout my hundreds of consultations, I have always observed a clear correlation between client’s life experiences and relocation astrology predictions. Here are a handful of examples from clients I have had the privilege to counsel.

  • One person (called A) has been living on an Haumea IC planetary line for years and loves it (figure 3A). Although a part of A feels like moving, another part resists the idea in the fear of losing the benefits of Haumea IC. A is also activating Mars AC, translating into frequent haemorrhages that A has been fighting for decades with very limited success. 
  • B arrived in Switzerland at a very young age, and has been living 50 years feeling depressed, unwell, stuck. B has been in various therapies over 35 years that brought him personal growth, understanding, but no well being (you name it, B tried it). After learning that B’s location was unfavourable (hard activations of Pluto, Uranus; Figure 3B), B is now in the process of relocating to Mexico. 
  • C, born in Switzerland, grew tired of marginalisation (i.e. living on Neptune and Uranus lines, Figure 3C), and unknowingly, relocated on an Orcus line in the North of France. After experiencing material losses and fading joy, C decided to relocate under more beneficial lines suggested during our consultation. 

Figure 3. Astro-CartoGraphy planetary lines as computed by AstroGold and softwares. See text for corresponding delineations and life experiences.

Relocation can even make a difference between life or death.

  • For instance, D has been fighting the idea of suicide since the age of 15 (living on Chiron IC line in Paris; Figure 3D), and living in Spain activated the mean black moon in D’s 6th house. This led to severe health issues that shortened her stay. 
  • E is currently impacted with hard transits that involves Orcus, Mars, Saturn, Chiron, mean black moon and Eris. As these transits last a few years, and as E lives on a location that amplifies the transits (numerous crossings, undisclosed), I suggested E to relocate six month ago. E chose to stay and is now going through unexplainable depression, suicidal tendencies and short stays in mental institutions. 
  • F is living on his Mars IC line (Figure 3E) that has been transited for some years by Orcus (Figure 3F). As a political activist, F experienced recently multiple death threats and is forced to stay locked in an apartment all day for months as a result. 

Why relocation astrology is the most powerful tool out there.

Astrology is essential and extremely potent.

Astrology models the cosmos and its correlation with terrestrial events. As we are one with nature, one with the stars, the state of the cosmos at our birth that astrologers models through diverse astrological frameworks is nothing but a layer of our aura. To be more precise and as far as I know, our birth chart is nothing but the model of a fragment of the current astral / karmic layer of our aura.  And that layer shapes our reality on earth.

Please let that sink in. Astrology is the study of what shapes our current life experiences on a subtle, invisible yet quite profound level. This is potency. As I witnessed, a single planetary transit and the course of your life changes. Such is the power of the astral / karmic layer of our aura modelled by astrology.

Thus, astrology is the key to understand the shaping of our reality. It is extremely potent, as realised by ancient civilisations across the world. For instance, Hippocrates stated 2.4 millennia ago : « He who does not understand astrology is not a doctor but a fool ». I have been that fool. And now speaking from experience, I encourage anyone claiming to be a healer or a doctor to ponder on this statement as well. Especially if you have sworn the Hippocratic Oath.

Relocation astrology: a tool of unprecedented depth.

The cosmos and nature appear to function at three distinct levels: (i) potentialities; (ii) expression of the potentialities; (iii) manifestation of the potentialities. For instance, let’s consider three essential molecules in biology: DNA, RNA and proteins. DNA stores information in the form of « genes », such as a book sitting in a library. Most RNA are intermediary molecules expressing or transcribing informations in the book. Finally, proteins are the finished product. If the book contained a recipe (DNA), RNA would be a chef and proteins would be the the meal. If the book contained physic equations (DNA), RNA would be a scientist, and proteins would be a power plant. We went from DNA (potentialities) to RNA (expression) to proteins (the materialised result). Now in biology, there is a well known amplification process from DNA to RNA to proteins. Thus, it costs more time and energy to act on proteins rather than to act on RNA, or even better, DNA.

Similarly, in astrology, our natal chart is all about potentialities (DNA), while temporal and spatial aspects (timing techniques and location) govern its expression (RNA). Finally, our life experiences are the outcome, i.e, proteins. Now consider this. Say a planetary effect is unwanted. Would you rather deal with the results (numerous unwanted events and their consequences) or decrease the intensity of the planetary effect so that less unwanted events happen ? Relocation astrology has the power to prevent harm, as it acts on a more profound level (RNA vs proteins). For instance, while still impacted by challenging transits, I relocated to India to activate beneficial planetary influences, and immediately felt the effects. I could now channel the energy of these transits in a constructive way (writing, healing, self-improvement). Nonetheless, I found love, and am about to be a father. Life can be easy at the right location.

How to properly use (relocation) astrology ?

With power comes responsibilities, and astrological knowledge is power indeed. How to use such a tool ? History shows again and again with physics and biology, that the more powerful the tool is, the more its use ought to be guided with love and heart.

Perhaps the most potent change one can experience is the tampering of our natal chart. This would be the equivalent of rewriting our DNA. This is a common practice in Asia, where expecting couples often consult an astrologer to know when to induce birth. Not my cup of tea, I’d rather trust divine’s intelligence on this.

As for choosing a location, which will significantly but not irreversibly alter the course of one’s life, I always actively listen to the joy pulsing in the client’s heart and invite him or her to follow one’s bliss.  Rational thinking and astrological predictions are here just in case as a backup plan. I will elaborate more on that in a near future.


A plant’s growth depends on the type of soil it digs its roots into. Rather than treating the symptoms, relocation astrology helps you predict where is the supporting soil for the life you wish for yourself. This is so freeing that most of us have trouble imagining what we could be when getting acquainted with this tool for the first time. As we saw, a single consultation can easily replace decades of therapy, as well as bring you tons of energy, time, money, and joy nonetheless. As long as it is performed with ethics and heart. You might want to check it out. May we all be well and live a life full of joy.

Further References.

Jim Lewis pioneered the technic of Astro-CartoGraphy. An excellent Facebook group on Astro-CartoGraphy and locational astrology can be found here

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