Relocation astrology: essential for expatriation

A relocation astrology reading is the best investment you can make to prepare your expatriation project. Here is why in a nutshell.

Why relocation astrology is essential to any expatriation project

I was seven of age, sitting with my parents and my younger sister in the living room of our condo in Singapore. It had been four beautiful years living as an expatriated family here. Then suddenly the news came from my father: « we are moving to South Korea next year ». My sister and I instantaneously bursted in tears. My mother looked sad. None of us had a good feeling about it. And rightfully so. One year later in South Korea, all hell broke loose. My father had experienced a very hard time at work that cost him a promotion, my mother left him (and us) and went back to France, and as for my sister and I, these were the most trauma-inducing experiences of our childhood.

It would have taken two minutes for a seasoned relocation astrologer to say « don’t go there ». Two minutes to spot in my chart that Pluto was about to transit my natal Uranus – Ixion conjunction in the 4th (sudden familial background transformation) and that Uranus was rising in Seoul as I was born in Marseille (i.e a relocation in Seoul would amplify the effect of the Pluto transit on Uranus; see figure 1).

Such is the power of relocation astrology: a small investment in a consult beforehand would have saved us years of therapy, and probably granted my father another job promotion as well as a happier marriage. I have been mingling with expatriates and travellers my whole life, and I cannot stress that enough: for expats, a relocation astrology consult is one of the best investment on earth, and can make the difference between a fulfilling life and a life of hardship.

fig1: Seoul expatriation

Figure 1. Transits and Astro-Cartography at the time I relocated to South Korea at the age of nine. A: Pluto initially in my 3rd house conjunct North Node and IC (natal chart: inner ring) was at the time transiting the triple Uranus- Quaoar – Ixion conjunction in my 4th house. B: Astro-Cartography lines pertaining to my natal chart in Seoul. Seoul sits on my Uranus line, meaning that this location will amplify all Uranus qualities in my chart as well as all its associated transits (i.e., Pluto). This constitutes overall a typical pattern to dodge in relocation astrology.

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Concluding words

I recently planned a trip with my family to visit a potential suitable town in India to relocated to, that I spotted using relocation astrology (namely Bangalore). We all had a blast during these four days, and are now making steps to move there in a near future. It was a big win for me to successfully predict a favourable location for all three of us (not an easy feat), as well as to win the trust of my semi-sceptical yet open-minded partner. Through my relocation astrology consult, I wish to grant you the same service: pinpoint you the place on earth that will support the fulfilment of your dreams. With love.

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