Professional Spiritual Counselling

Choosing the Right

All of my readings are optimally designed to guide you efficiency
through this change, with compassion and heart

Astrology reading

Ready to meet your lucky star?

Empower yourself with deep self-knowledge.

Choose the right place at the right

Numerology reading

Willing to decipher your persona?

Embrace the key numbers that shape your personality.

Psychic reading

Feel like something is missing?

Merge with your higher self, and ask your spiritual guides.

Tarot reading

Wanting to know more before making a move?

Let the tarot cards reveal what is at stake.


Are your readings online? In which language?

Yes, all reading are performed via Zoom in English or French. In less than 24h afterwards, you will gain access to all video recordings and related material (charts).

What’s the benefit of an astrology reading?

You gain great clarity on the weather forecast of your life so you can plan accordingly, and you take educated life decisions when it comes to emotional, mental and karmic healing.

What kind of astrological readings do you offer?

I offer natal chart readings using diverse frameworks, locational astrology readings to plan on relocating; and electional astrology readings to plan for important events

What is a psychic reading?

It is essentially a meditative process during which I connect to your soul. It enables healing, deploying your potential, and receiving messages from your spiritual guides.

What can be healed during a psychic reading?

Any type of subtle karmic or trans-generational imprint as well as imbalances in energy centres such as chakras and Sephirah. Cellular reprogramming can be performed if needed.

Why talk with my spiritual guides?

You reconnect to your higher self and your spiritual family, This subtle process results in profound and powerful life changes aiming to deploy your soul’s potential.


I offer a free consult every third Sunday of the month. If you need to access my services
while in a very dire financial situation, please fill up the form below.

If your request is selected, you will be notified at the beginning of the month. If not, your request will carry on to the next month ( no need to refill the form ).

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