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Saros Cycles: new perspectives

An innovative, potent framework to interpret eclipses via Saros cycles based on time estimates of their intensity peak (perfect sun – moon – earth alignment).



In this study, we provide all the necessary data and framework to interpret saros cycle
based on their peak in intensity (perfect sun – moon – earth alignment).

This study can be viewed as an extension of Bernadette brady’s seminal work
on Saros Cycles: “The eagle and the Lark”. Listening to her podcast with Chris Brennan is also highly recommended beforehand.

This research study includes:
– a main article explaining the scope of the study,
– time estimates of the peak of Saros Cycle: NASA data, R script and output graphs and tables (full methodology),
– a guideline to interpret eclipses and their related Saros cycles
– two detailed examples of eclipse interpretation in chart
– a full case study on Donald Trump’s natal lunar eclipse (15 pages) that demonstrate the power of this new approach

Recommended public: astrologers (intermediate amateur level or above).


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