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Today’s weekly content arrived early. And it is all about the new bad boy in town, Plutino AZ84. In last week’s article, I provided you with its first ever delineation available on the web.  

Of course, despite my best efforts, it is tainted with my particular chart and life experiences, having AZ84 tightly aspecting my moon, sun, mercury eclipse point, MC/IC and Vertex / Anti-Vertex axis in my natal chart. While I am certain that I downloaded the « essence » of AZ84, there is still some room for improvements and refinements which I hope you will contribute to as a client or an astrologer (see below if you want to contribute). Notably, the more « elevated » or « integrated » sides of AZ84 are still being processed by my consciousness.

In today’s video, I provide you with a shorter more straight to the point video of AZ84, discussing especially two major artworks that managed to seize its essence: that of Kafka (« the trial ») and the movie « spirited away » and its character named no face. I hope you will enjoy this week’s video.

Aspects with AZ84

Sun: exposing the influence of Shadows, Exorcism, Getting recognised for AZ84 related delineations (literary work, ascent to power), Consume oneself (Death), Core energy attacked, Bad vision (right eye), Over-Consumption, fight between light and dark, Erosion of willpower.
Music: « You don’t » by Tricky; « Mohamed » by The Dandy Warholds
Book: « an exorcist tells its story »

Moon: Bad thoughts, Toxic food, Malnutrition, Changing moods, Never-ending needs, Unhappiness, Body possession, Morbid obesity, Feeling like a fish in a tank, Perceiving shadows, Nightmares, Bad vision (left eye), Indulgence in Sloth, Witchcraft
Book: « Lunar Park » by Bret Easton Ellis
Music: Black Sabbath; Blue Oyster Cult; « Luney tune » by Alice Cooper

Mercury: occult pact, bargaining with evil, devious writing (« mein Kampf » is a prime example), Epilepsy, Neural system disorder (Epilepsy), Changing voices, Hateful speech, Communication with the shadow realm, Speechless, Experimenting with the occult, Telepathy, Copyrighting human consciousness, advertisement , detective, neural toxin
Book: « mein Kampf » by Hitler, Faust; « Lord of the rings »: Wormtongue character
Music: « Flaming Telepaths » and « secret treaties » by Blue Oyster Cult

Venus: Decadence, Deviant art, Faded beauty, Attraction towards shadows, Drugs, Ability to distort and twist whatever is connected, Incest
Movie: « The damned » by Visconti, « Las Vegas Parano » (with Neptune); « Phantom of the paradise » by Brian the Palma

Mars: Hidden murders, Surprise deceitful attacks, Scheming aggression, Betraying, Assassination, Commanding aggression, Sneaky violence, making a stand against the enemy, fighting fire with fire, BlitzKrieg, Sequestration
Songs: « Killer » by Iron Maiden, « Dissident Aggressor » by Judas Priest
Movie: « Apocalypse Now » Coppola; « Scream »

Jupiter: perverted ideology, Ariosophy, Crusades, Religion wars, falsification of sacred text, Twisted growth, Imposters, Secret societies & Doctrines, Worshiping of shadows, Unnoticed expansion of darkness, indoctrination.
Documentary: « Hitler and the Occult » available on Youtube

Saturn: institutionalisation of evil, fascism, undermining a system, Decay of a structure, Isolating before killing (death camps), Silent oppression by institutions, Deprivation of legal / human right, Uprooted teeth, Fragile body structure, Secret agencies, Corruption, Secret military coup.
Movie: « Star wars, episode I – The phantom menace »

Chiron: Healing and teaching about one’s life weakness, Spiritual healers, Shamanism, Exorcism of one’s demons through teaching, Endless poisoning and suffering until suicide.
Book: « Morphine » by Boulgakov (with Venus)

Uranus: sudden attack, Coup, minorities becoming majorities, reversal and inversion, persecutions of minorities, Insights against scheming evil, Technological progress that subdues, binds, weakens, with hidden deleterious consequences (AI)
Book: « The fall of Hyperion » from Dan Simmons (see the farcaster technology)

Neptune: mass media, free vs your data & your brain; rabbit hole algorithm, hidden advertising, mass sedation, zombification of society, processed addicting food, gaming
Book: the psychology of the masses;
Movie: the social dilemma

Pluto: eugenism, Muller’s Ratchet (progressive loss of beneficial states, applied to human consciousness), Gene selection, GMO, Death camps, The end justify the means, dehumanised elitism, killing of the weak; death giver; starting a fight while not participating; farming humans like cattle.
Book & Movies: « Carrion » by Dan Simmons; « Earthlings » (humans are the Plutonians);

Orcus: Invisible tortures, Taken in silence, Never heard about, Live and let die, Hidden Deportation, A blind eye on suffering, Disappearance
Books & Movies: « Earthlings » (Animal are the Orcusians), Jack the reaper

Ixion: open persecution, Ruling by fear: Display of evil (public executions and subduction), making an example; feeling at a life time low, public disgrace & banishment, 9/11, surprise warfare, unsigned drone attacks, capture and execution by secret groups
Books & Movie: « V for Vendetta »by Alan Moore; « The killing fields »

Haumea: divine intervention, protection vs aggression of shadows, miraculous apparition in times of needs, seeking
refuge against the shadow realm.

Salacia: A desire to purify oneself, protection rite, restore by devotion, purification and the battles against one’s demon

Eris: Amplification of one’s shadow side, inexplicable stress and burnout, spiritual weakness, fear of judgment and doomsday, healing through nature and god’s will, letting evil crumble, healing through nature and rooting.
Book: « The watchmen » by Alan Moore

Gonggong: A sense of all the potentialities of evil and the underlying truth, the ability to get insights from
anything, daemonic or light-oriented spiritual guides
Movie: « a young poisoner’s manual » (the facility given to him to find ideas, often for the worst)

Alicanto: Preventing evil; loosing sight of reality, sudden loss of power, lured away from completing evil deeds
Movie: « Downfall »

Sedna: Fight of « good vs evil », tested faith, conversion to Christianity as a result of experiencing evil, wanted to serve a higher cause, with a (sub/un)conscious choice made about which side to join

Leleakuhonua: A desire to escape and be free from the shadow, at maybe the cost of uprooting oneself or relocating, escaping human condition, wanting to find a home freed of evil, being lured away
Movie: « Birdy » by Alan Parker; See also « Midnight Express »

Nodes: promotes new or closure of experiences related to AZ84’s delineation in trine, or a sentiment of being irremediably stuck and running in circles like a rat in a cage (when squaring the nodes)
Music: « despite all my rage, I am still a rat in a cage » (Smashing Pumpkins)

Black moon Lilith (True): extremely sudden and instinctual betrayal, Putting someone’s under one’s thumb,
Joining evil for vengeance, enjoying shadows, instinctive struggle against invisible forces and inner demons
Music: rage against the machine songs

Black moon Lilith (Mean): deprivation of support and nourishment, silently forsaken, false deliveries, descent into all form of addictions, including alcohol and sex.
Songs: « Dead babies » from Alice Cooper
Movies: « In the Realm of the Senses »; « Shame »

ASC / DSC: demonic possession, self-sabotage, couples spiralling down, delivering legacy work on AZ84, self-torture, not doing what you are supposed to do, banishment and exile
Music: « Creep » and « Paranoid Android » by Radiohead

MC / IC: display erratic behaviour (MC), profession tainted by the shadow, intimacy with secret knowledge, in touch with your akashic memories and other worlds
Book: « Demons » by Dostoïevski; « Harry Potter » by J. K. Rowling

VX / AX: ability to access hidden knowledge such as other’s person sins and akashic memories, channeling demons, asylum and sanatoriums, seeing others realities including lower astral. Incurable psychic illness, becoming a tool or a gateway of the shadow realm.
Movie: « the exorcist »

Prenatal solar eclipse point: magnification of the delineation of AZ84 and it’s aspects

NB: telekinesis, levitation and astral travels seem to be associated with AZ84, (VX/AX) and moon.

NB: « A day in the life » by the Beatles to me can be seen as a song about everyday’s life while noting and hoping from one shadowy aspect of AZ84’s to another, blending subtle darkness, potency and human condition.

All contributions to delineations are welcome: you can submit yours here. Your contribution will be acknowledged if you wish (name + email).

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