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Here, I provide you with its first ever astrological delineation of the third largest Plutino: (208996) 2003 AZ84.

Discovered in 2003, It managed to stay unnamed for twenty years, despite being a major player in the field. Come meet the Plutino associated with unspoken Evil, evil influence and demonic possession.

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Delineation: (Evil) suggestion, (Self) Destruction, (Self) Sabotage, Adversary, Affliction, Alienated, Alienation, Alter-Ego, Alteration, Amnesia, Annihilation, Antagonist, Anti, Aside, Bad intention, Bad thoughts, Banishment, Banned, Beggar, Bending the will, Betrayed, Bipolar, Biting the hand that feeds, Black magic, Blackmail, Body snatcher, Camouflage, Carrying the cross, Causing, Compelled, Compromise, Concealed, Condemnation, Conspiracy, Contrary, Control, Conversion, Copycat, Corruption, Creeping, Crypt, Cryptic, Cunning, Curse, Cynic, Damnation, Daredevil , Dark night of the soul, Dark priest, Dead end, Dead within, Death grip, Death wish, Deceit, Decompensation, Degradation, Delusional, Deportation, Depravation, Deprived, Desert, Despair, Despite, Deviant, Deviation, Devilish, Diabolised, Diformity, Dis-, Disappearance, Disapprove, Disguise, Disguises, Disillusioned, Disoriented, Dispose after use, Disrespect, Disruption, Dissonance, Distraction, Distrust, Disturbing, Division, Domination, Doom, Doubt, Dr Jekyl & Ms Hide, Drifting, Elusive, Empty shell, Eradication, Erosion of will, Evil, Evil eye, Execution, Exile, Exorcism, Extermination, Ex-communion, Fading, Failure, Fake, False idol, Falsely comforting, Falsification, Fear, Folly, For whom the Bell tolls, Forbidden, Forgetfulness, Friends turning into foes, Fright, From life to death, Gaslighting, Getting away with it, Ghost, Glass half empty, Guilt, Hacking, Hard to resist, Haunted, Hell, Helpless, Heresy, Hidden, Horror, Hypnosis, Identity theft, Imperceptible, Imposing, Impostor, Impure, Incomprehensible, Incurable, Inducing, Inexplicable, Infect, Infiltration, Influence, Injunctions, Insane, Insanity, Insolvable, Instrumentalisation, Intruder, Inversion, Invisible, Irony, Irremediable, Isolation, Joyless, Judgment, Letting the bad guys in, Lies, Life Antagonist, Locked Away , Loneliness, Loosing one’s way, Loosing oneself, Loss, Loss of dignity, Lost, Lower Astral, Madness, Malediction, Maltreatment, Manipulation, Marked, Masks, Mass manipulation, Mental torture, Mind control, Mischief, Misguided, Misleading, Missed Opportunities, Morbidity, Murder, Muted, Mutilation, Mysterious, Nameless, Necromancy, Negation, Negativity, Nightmares, Nihilism, Nothingness, Nourishing the black wolf, Obey, Obliged, Occult, Odebience, On your knees, Opposition, Oppression, Overcoming, Pact, Paranoia, Paranormal, Parasitism, Patient, Persecution, Plotter, Poison, Possession, Power Hungry, Predation, Profanation , Psychic warfare, Psychosis, Punishment, Puppet master, Pure Hatred, Rabbit hole, Rampant, Regret, Rejected, Relentless, Remorse, Repel, Repentance, Repudiated, Repulsive, Resistant, Risk prone, Risk prone, Sarcastic, Scapegoat, Scheme, Secret, Security breach, Selection (as in concentration camps: usable or death), Self harm, Senseless, Sentence, Set astray, Shameful, Shapeshifter, Silence, Sin, Slippery slope, Spell, Spiralling down, Stained, Sub-, Subconscious, Subdued, Subhuman, Subjection, Subjugated, Subordination, Subversive, Succumbed, Sudden, Suicide, Suspicion, Temptation, Tested, Threaten, Toxic, Trial, Trick, Trouble, Troubled, Twisted, Un-, Un-done, Uncertainty, Under, Under a spell, Unfathomable, Unsolvable & Incurable cases, Unspeakable, Unspoken, Utilisation, Ventriloquy, Voices, Void, Worn out, Wrong doings, Your best friend in times of need, Zombification

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