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Mundane Astro-Carto-Graphy provides new insights on the underlying causes that precipitated Madagascar into political chaos.

On paper, Madagascar shouldn’t be one of the poorest and most insecure countries in the world. It yields a plethora of natural resources. Plus, it’s a biodiversity hotspot both for flora and fauna, and sits on huge mineral reserves. Finally, it sure has the potential to develop international tourism as well. 

So what went South ? According to most, the main struggle lies not into into natural challenges such as seasonal cyclones and shortage of water supplies. It lies into troubled politics, corruption and crime that has been impeding economical growth.

Then we may ask ourselves, why such political instability for decades ? Well, perhaps because many other aspects went majorly South as well, astrology wise. Notably, two dwarf planets named Ixion and Eris. Let me elaborate on that.

Lawless Ixion hoovering above Madagascar (1990-2010)

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In a nutshell, planets right above our head (in zenith) pack a punch: relocating under the same latitude as your natal Pluto will render some dark aspects of your psyche visible, for example. Thus, I suggested in a previous post that slow moving planets repeatedly hoovering at certain latitudes for many years can cause global effects affecting entire countries.

Video 1. Evolution of the latitude of Pluto, Orcus and Ixion from 1950 to 2020. The latitude of all three Plutino is slowly going Southward.

Noteworthy, a Pluto-like dwarf planet named Ixion that symbolises lawlessness, crime, downfall, and repeating the same mistakes over and over again, has been hoovering from North to South above Madagascar each day for 20 years from 1990 to 2010 (video 1 and figure 1).

Figure 1. Ixion hoovered on top of Madagascar from North to South during two decades (1990-2010)

While this fact alone is coherent with Madagascar’s political instability in the 1900s and 2000s (the country went through 9 major revisions of its constitution in these 20 years), as well as political instability spreading in South America and South Africa under the same latitudes during these years, why did Madagascar took such a hit ? 

Madagascar is sensitive to Ixion and Eris

I explored some of the country’s numerous constitutions (including revisions and major amendments). Expectedly, I found them to be quite sensitive to Ixion’s influence (figure 2). For instance, 1991’s revision and 1992’s constitution both feature Ixion as a key planet: more precisely, the focal planet of a T-square that also involves one of the two luminaries (Sun and Moon). Hence the country’s responsiveness towards Ixion’s influence.

Figure 2. Charts of Madagascar’s convention (1991; left) and constitution (1992; right). Both charts display a T-square bearing Ixion as the focal planet and one of the two luminaries (sun or moon), as highlighted by the red boxes.

The cherry on top was when I decided to look at when it all started: Madagascar independence’s chart in 1958 (figure 3). Mercury, the sun and the North node are all part of a tight stellium with Ixion, all in opposition with the mean black moon and Sedna. If this didn’t stage the country to experience Ixion-prone effects, I don’t what would have.

Figure 3. Charts of Madagascar’s independence (1958; left) and its transits (right). Left: the tight stellium (Mercury – Ixion – North Node – Sun) is opposing the mean black moon and Sedna (red boxes). Right: when Eris started its long lasting opposition with Madagascar’s sun in 1991 (medium circle) and in 2010 (outer circle). As in 2022, Eris is now at 24° Aries, still in a separating opposition with the Ixion stellium.

To top it all, Eris, symbolising chaos and disruption, transited and is still transiting the stellium. Notably, the 90s and early 2000s correspond to the transit of Eris opposing the country’s natal sun, which is most probably the underlying root of Madagascar political turmoil that spans for decades. Plus, amazingly, when Madagascar proclaimed its independence, Eris latitude (17°44 South) was only a degree apart from that of its capital Antananarivo (18’55° South).

Conclusion and take away messages

So there you have it. the contemporary downfall of Madagascar is certainly encoded within the country’s latitude combined with its numerous unstable charts, starting with that of its independence. It certainly suggests that Mundane astro-carto-graphy is a legit discipline worth studying. Hopefully, more studies will follow, perhaps on other countries that share the same latitude as Madagascar, as to provide some  worthy comparison points.

Importantly, more than one chart seems to be at work regarding Madagascar, with its independence chart affected by Ixion and Eris being one stratum below its other numerous Ixion-sensitive constitutional charts. This echos a previous finding of mine: that our conception charts are still quite active after birth (see article 1 & article 2, and my research study on conception charts).

Finally, we can expect the disruptive effects of Eris upon Madagascar’s politics to last for another decade. Plus, Ixion also left its mark. People in Madagascar born in the 1990s and 2000s, now aged 10-30, are likely to bear the influence of Ixion in zenith at the moment of their birth unless they relocate far enough. Maybe Madagascar’s story is here to remind us that there used to be era in which astrologers elected auspicious timings to build cities or nations.

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