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Wait, what is Gonggong ?

Gong Gong is a dwarf planet discovered in the outskirts of our solar system in 2007. It is the fifth largest dwarf planet further away then Neptune (with which it is engaged in a 3:10 resonance). Its highly eccentric orbit revolves in 553 years give or take (figure 1).

Figure 1. Top: the largest known trans neptunian objects, abbreviated TNOs. Comparison of sizes, albedo, and colours of various large trans-Neptunian objects. The grey arcs represent uncertainties of the object’s size. (by Eurocommuter  commonswiki – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,; bottom: Gonggong’s highly eccentric orbit. Polar view of the orbits of Gonggong (yellow), Eris (green), and Pluto (magenta) (by Tomruen – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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Here I will discuss the reasons why Gonggong’s astrological meaning is really worth deciphering and I will provide you with some key insights about its potential significance in a chart. Please fasten your seatbelt.

Why Gonggong’s significance is still mostly unknown in astrology ?

For many reasons, the meaning of Gonggong still eludes most western astrologers. First, it is yet a trans-neptunian object (TNO), and those always have deep remote and profound significances that are hard to grasp for a sane down-to-earth mind.

Second, due to technological advances, many TNOs has been discovered since the year 2000s, overflowing the field of astrology with numerous hard to define planetary bodies. Not to mention that Gonggong moves extremely slowly, making it hard to study.

Finally, its name « Gonggong », generally unknown to westerners, comes from an ancient Chinese water god that spells trouble by « creating chaos and catastrophe, causing flooding and tilting the Earth, until he was sent into exile » (from wikipedia). Good luck building an interpretation out of that.

Deciphering Gonggong: preambule.

I started to notice Gonggong in my chart two years ago. It was sitting there, tightly trining / in sextile with both my MC/IC axis and my moon – mean black moon opposition axis (Figure 2). But what is that remarkable pattern around the 18-19° zodiacal degrees is supposed to mean ?

Figure 2. My natal chart with the hermetic lots alongside a selection of TNOs and fixed stars. Gonggong is in a tight trine / sextile with both my MC/IC axis and my moon – mean black moon axis (see green boxes).

Now, I knew about my moon / black moon axis already: deprivation of support, fear of communities leading to exile, deceptive romances, pleasure seeking behaviour, and at its best, highly intuitive creative skills plus psychic abilities. I also knew about the strong impact of the moon – black moon axis on my roots and what I give to the world: a search for a new country, a new career.

Life finally brought me where I needed to be to experience Gonggong: exactly on my moon, mean back moon and Gonggong planetary line (figure 3). When Gonggong activated in May 2022, I experienced first hand one of its many possible manifestations.

When Gonggong activates: choices with consequences.

What happened then was worthy of a movie. A few day before a visa run between Kochi India and Colombo Sri-Lanka, my passport got accidentally shredded beyond recognition. Before leaving India, I got at the french embassy an emergency passport and ordered a new ordinary passport as well. Then I flew to Sri-Lanka.

Figure 3. Planetary lines (including local space lines) related to my natal chart (left) and my conception chart (right). Note that my moon, mean black moon and Gonggong lines all run through Kochi, India (green cross) and Colombo, Sri Lanka (red cross).

Amidst political turmoil, locked in an hotel room in Sri-Lanka, I could feel the effect of my Neptune line slowly but surely disconnecting me from « reality », as well as the strong feeling of exile (moon – back moon axis). Yet a more profound effect was at work. It brought to the surface the matter of choices and their consequences in the 5th-7th house (contractual relationships and children).

Gonggong stripped me naked and asked me: are you ready to be a father ? Do you really want to ? Are you in love and happy with your partner and soulmate ? Are you happy with your work partnership ? It also brought the pain of making a choice: renouncing to other possibilities and dealing with life-altering consequences. That time will be remembered as one of the most crucial turning points in my life.

Gonggong’s activation aftermath.

After this never-ending visa run along the moon – mean black moon and Gonggong planetary lines, I wrote an article about the easiest and most challenging bodies in which I mentioned Gonggong as one of the most difficult ones. No surprise there. Yet, I felt like I only grasped a tiny negative bit of Gonggong, and I was left wondering about its true meaning.

Ask and you shall be answered. A couple of month later, I suggested to a friend of mine to go to the movie theatre and watch a movie. I had no ideas of which movies were playing at the time, and neither did he. My way of choosing a movie is highly intuitive: I just read a couple of lines of the synopsis, look at the poster, and listen inside if it clicks.

It clicked on a movie called « Everything Everywhere All at once » (figure 4, left). I just felt the movie was crazy and funny. Little did I know I just signed in for an advanced 2h hour course on Gonggong. Now, I highly, highly suggest that you go and watch the movie. It is a pure gem. Prepare your brain though. It will get smashed into tiny bits.

Gonggong’s significance revealed: « Everything, Everywhere, All at once ».

After this never-ending visa run along the moon – mean black moon and Gonggong planetary lines, I wrote an article about the easiest and most challenging bodies in which I mentioned Gonggong as one of the most difficult ones. No surprise there. Yet, I felt like I only grasped a tiny negative bit of Gonggong, and I was left wondering about its true meaning.

Figure 4. The movie everything everywhere all at once (left), staring James Hong as Gonggong (right), the general in charge of saving the multiverse, amongst many other identities.

In a nutshell, here are some key Gonggong delineations from the movie itself: multi-dimensionality, parallel existences; one own’s (in)significance; choices and their life-long consequences; the butterfly effect; mind-blowing; nothing truly ever matters; sudden awakening to alternate realities; spaced-out; lost in the multiverse / realm of possibilities; collapse of one’s identity; everything happens everywhere in the now; flood of insights / new informations, acceptance of one’s life choices.

I was astonished by so much unexpected information. The nest step I took was to revisit my charts, looking at times in my life when Gonggong was spatially and or temporarily activated in order to refine its delineation. By watching this amazing movie, I was gifted the key to Gonggong, and was eagerly on the hunt for doors to open in my charts.

Re-exploring Gonggong’s significance.

In my natal chart

« I always felt I could do any type of job, experience a wide array of relationships, live anywhere, yet with no support and being cast away. » This is in a nutshell the tight pattern between Gonggong, and the two MC-IC / moon-black moon axis. Hence the psychological trait: slasher or multi-potential is directly related to Gonggong (figure 2).

I also noticed early in life that whatever I would set myself to find out, I will eventually. This made me first of the class whenever I wanted and a successful researcher. And this fuels my current work with astrological research, software design, and so forth. Again this is the signature of Gonggong in my natal chart, in trine with my Pluto/NN/IC//Mercury/Sun stellium in the 3rd house.

In my conception chart

Note that in my conception chart (figure 5), Gonggong is in my 5th house and overcoming by square Jupiter conjunct mean black moon in 8th. In order to interpret this tricky placement, let’s assume a slightly readjusted seasonal zodiac (more here) with an offset of 30°: the western tropical Aquarius is actually Pisces. This makes Jupiter the dispositor of Gonggong in the 5th sitting in the 8th house conjunct black moon. 

Figure 5. Gonggong’s placement in my conception chart in the 5th house, squaring Jupiter and the mean black moon in the 8th (green boxes).

This resonates at a deep level with my life story: children devoid of their inheritance in my lineage, and being deprived one way or another of one’s children. It also speaks about deep karmic fears and indecisiveness of having a child and bearing with the consequences of this long-term and intimate bound. This translate into my love life as well as a challenge to settle into a long-term relationship.

Transits in my natal chart.

In order to refine the spectrum of Gonggong’s possible manifestations, let’s look at some transits in my natal chart.

  • trine sun (1986-1988): my identity was shattered as my expatriate life as a child came abruptly to an end . No sense of belonging whatsoever.
  • quincunx mars (1991-1993): found the strength to stop the physical abuse of my father (mars squaring sun), and foresaw the coming of his death
  • opposite saturn (1998-2001): many fights against french institutions limiting my potential and my freedom.
  • quincunx orcus (2002-2005): felt obligated to choose one potential amongst many and perfect it. Resulted in a thesis in biology in less than three years and an Aikido black belt in four years.
  • quincunx venus (2004-2007): redefinition of my worth, my possession, my job and my way to gain income that resulted in an easy materialistic life.
  • quincunx ascendant & sextile chiron and sedna (2021-2024): redefinition of the self, my sense of belonging, my career as a teacher. Exploring the potentialities of my incarnation.

Thus, Gonggong’s transits can be seen as tapping into an infinite source of potentiality, shattering your identity and giving you the opportunity to express any potential you wish.

Transits in my conception chart.

In a similar way, here are some significant transits of Gonggong in my conception chart.

  • quincunx orcus (1996-1998): switched from mathematics to biology; hard years of study that resulted in joining an elite school.
  • sextile chiron (1997-2000): difficulties and suffering as I refused to specialised during my university years; many inter-disciplinary studies.
  • trine nodes (2002 2005): my thesis years, that acted as an evolutionary propeller for decades.
  • quincunx IC-MC and sextile AC-DC (2008-2011): many jobs, looking for myself, trying different lifestyles and different identities; leaving France.
  • sextile sedna (2017-2021): exploring numerous investments, close partnership and scapegoating possibilities, with a sense of humour.

Again, we can appreciate the work Gonggong as a possibility to tap into a source of multi-potentiality to make choices and readjust one’s life path.

Conclusion & take home messages

Tilted by Gonggong (again)

True story (as always): uninspired and tired after a couple of hours working on this article, I though to briefly conclude on the key points of Gonggong’s delineation and then transition to tease you about an upcoming research study on Gonggong’s awakening potentialities. But before writing the conclusion of this article, I took a break and walked a bit.

Ten steps away from my desk, I though about the Gonggong & Orcus interactions in my life I mentioned above. Twelve steps in, a song started playing in my head: « I might be wrong » written by Radiohead’s frontman Thom Yorke. Funny, I thought, this song is basically about Gonggong and Orcus (lyrics here). It gives you to strength to carry on, no matter the amount of pain you are experiencing.

Twenty meters from my desk, a question hurls inside my brain. What about Gonggong’s placement in Thom Yorke’s chart ? For sure there must be something significant there. « Have a look » said a loving voice from within. In less than twenty steps, Gonggong gifted me the conclusion of this article. As my Gonggong natal placement says: whatever I set myself to know, I will eventually find out.

Gonggong case study: Thom Yorke

Gonggong’s placement in Thom’s chart is one of a kind (figure 6). It is the only tenant of his 5th house, and trines beautifully his sun (and possibly his ascendant) which is the key focal planet of a fan-like pattern. Hence, Gonggong is essential into facilitating the inherent tension within the 1st and 7th house, through creative expression. He wrote « I might be wrong » when Uranus was transiting his natal Gonggong (1° orb) and Neptune just started his ingress into his 5th house. Fitting.

Figure 6. Thom York’s natal chart (estimated rounded time derived from the fact that he said in an interview being ASC Libra). Gonggong is the only tenant of the 5th house of creative expression, and in a tight trine with the sun in the 1st house (green box). Gonggong helps elevating the tension between the 1st and 7th houses through creative expression.

In other words, listen to songs like creep, karma police, I might be wrong… Sung by a man who effortlessly taps into an infinite life force and express it alongside the pain of being incarnated, while so many wanna-be artists struggle to produce something meaningful. This is why Radiohead’s songs stay. They connect you with an unknown space, they urge you to remember.

So relax, take a step back and listen. Let yourself drown into the song and your mind be dispersed…

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