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Donald Trump’s life experiences illustrate outstandingly the power of eclipses, re-interpreted here using new findings on Saros cycles.

This article is to showcase the interpretative power gained by including the culmination time of Saros cycles in the study of eclipses, as defined in my previous article: « the heart of Saros cycles ». We will consider here the case of Donald Trump, former president of the United States of America, born during a lunar eclipse.

Trump was born during a total lunar eclipse

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Donald Trump is notoriously known amongst astrologers to be born a few hours before the climax of a total lunar eclipse on the south node (figure 1). This eclipse occurred in his 4th house, with the sun conjunct Orcus and Uranus. You can find numerous interpretations of the eclipse and his chart over the web. Here my aim is to analyse the underlying imprint of this eclipse using the culmination time of its related saros cycle, and assess the extent of the correlation between the saros signature and Trump’s life experiences. To achieve this, we will first generate a thorough delineation of the saros signature that corresponds to his natal lunar eclipse. Then only, we will assess when its energy is activated and assess the correlation between manifested life events and the energies related to the corresponding saros cycle(s).

Figure 1. Donald Trump’s natal chart. A total lunar eclipse occurred a 3-4 hours later when the moon reached the exact opposite position of the sun.

The signature of Saros cycle 129 (lunar eclipse)

The related Saros cycle is Saros number 129, which culminates the 10 May 1994 at 11.25 am (UT) according to my estimation. Now this is a remarkable situation by itself, as this means that Donald Trump actually experienced living through the culmination time of the Saros cycle related to the lunar eclipse during which he was born. As Saros cycle duration expand over a millennium, this is a rare feat, and we will come back to it later.

The chart of the culmination of Saros cycle number 129 is shown in Figure 2. We can notice the following tight aspects:

  • a triple Pluto – Ixion – Quaoar conjunction sextile Uranus and square GongGong
  • Next to this first feature, Neptune is trining the South Node
  • Haumea is sextile with Quaoar
  • Sedna square Orcus
  • Mars transits through Eris
  • Jupiter quindecile South Node
  • A solar annular eclipse is about to happen. 

Figure 2. Culmination chart for Saros 129 (lunar eclipses). See text for a delineation of its signature.

Thereby, we can infer the following signature for Saros cycle 129:

  • Lawless, intense, transformative, reformative energies working effectively with disruptive insights, in the face of imminent disaster.
  • Soul calling – delusional new experiences, perhaps loosely link to the previous sentence
  • Abundance working effectively with audacity and reforms
  • Possible victim role play or scapegoating challenging one’s freedom.  
  • Extreme disruption, strife, and assertiveness in the face of adversity
  • Blind spot linked to past experiences of expansion, organisation, religion and higher education.
  • links to Saros cycle 128 (solar)
A second remarkable feature in Trump’s case: the culmination of Saros 129 (corresponding to the lunar eclipse at his birth) occurs during a solar eclipse linked to Saros 128, hence adding an additional layer of depth. Before going any further, we will therefore provide a delineation for the culmination of Saros 128 as well.

The signature of Saros cycle 128 (solar eclipse)

Saros cycle 128 for solar eclipses culminated 274 years ago in late August 1748, as shown in Figure 3. We can note the following tight aspects to derive its signature. 

  • Pluto – Ixion are conjunct again, at almost the same exact position as for Saros 129 (25-26° Scorpio for Saros 128, and 26-28° Scorpio for Saros 128). This is a remarkable feature yet again: not only the two saros cycle are linked, but the placement of Pluto and Ixion are in tight resonance as well. This really emphasises the Pluto-Ixion conjunction as the essential trait of the Saros cycles (see video 1).
  • Orcus is conjunct Varuna, quincunx Sedna
  • Uranus is conjunct Jupiter, both being retrograde.

Figure 3. Culmination chart for Saros 128 (solar eclipses). See text for a delineation of its signature.


Hence the signature of Saros 128 can be expressed as follows:

  • power plays and lawlessness merged together,
  • highly focused intelligence and resilience transforming multidimensional aspects of service and victimhood,
  • disruptive expansion, revisited and internalised.

Video 1. Pluto and Ixion movement from the culmination of Saros 128 (solar eclipses) on the 27th of August 1748 to the culmination of Saros 129 (lunar eclipses) on the 10th of May 1994. Both Saros display a Pluto – Ixion conjunction around the 25°-28° Scorpio mark.

A spectacular resonance with Ixion and Pluto

So far, we have seen that the lunar eclipse in Donald Trump’s birth chart is linked to Saros 129, which is in turn linked to Saros 128. A remarkable feature by itself. Even more remarkable is that the culmination charts of these two saros separated by 274 years both display a Pluto-Ixion conjunction. Not only they do so, but at the exact same position in the zodiac (25-28° Scorpio).

As if these «  coincidences » were not mind blowing enough, let’s notice that these two Pluto – Ixion conjunctions are conjunct Trump’s natal lunar eclipse that occurred at 23° Scorpio and quincunx its MC at 24° Aries. Hence, spectacular Pluto – Ixion fireworks are expected when the energies packed into his natal lunar eclipse are activated. 

Temporal activation of Trump’s natal lunar eclipse

The energy of a natal eclipse can be unleashed in many ways. In the two examples provided, we saw that transits on the eclipse point were indeed highly effective. We can add two others temporal activations: (i) transits on the ruler of the eclipse; (ii) possibly experiencing the culmination of the saros cycle related to one’s eclipse. Let’s assess when such activations happened for Trump.

My personal take on the tropical zodiac

Dear reader, here comes the time in this study when I can only ask for your open mindedness about the tropical zodiac. In a nutshell, please consider that I have good reasons, independent of Trump’s chart, to believe that the eclipse point in the 4th house (whole house system) is in fact in Saggitarius and ruled by Jupiter in the 2nd house (see my video on the zodiacs here for more details). 

This gives a new perspective on Trump’s chart which links Trump’s familial background (4th house in Saggitarius) and trump’s spouse (7th house in Pisces) both linked to real estate (Jupiter in the 2nd house). Indeed, Trump inherited a familial real estate business from his father, and involved his spouse in the business.

NB: to avoid any confusion in the rest of the article, I will from now on revert back to the classical western tropical zodiac. 

Transits on the ruler of the eclipse

Now that we have established Jupiter as the ruler of Trump’s natal eclipse, one can easily notice a very life-defining transit on Trump’s natal Jupiter: transiting Eris opposing natal Jupiter for more than a decade (as Eris is extremely slow; see figure 4). Thus, Eris was oscillating between 15° and 16° Pisces (western zodiac) in 1985, thus in an tight applying opposition to Jupiter in the second (as well as conjunct Trump’s lot of victory and then lot of necessity). The strength of this transitory opposition culminated in the years 1992-1994 (Eris between 17° and 18°).  

Experiencing the heart of the related Saros cycle

In May 1994, Trump lived through the culmination of the Saros cycle related to his natal lunar eclipse, thus providing an additional potent activation of his natal eclipse during this timeframe. Let’s quickly note that during the culmination of the Saros cycle, transiting GongGong in the 6th house was opposing his natal Mars in the 12th as well as squaring his natal IC  / MC axis, and in sextile with his natal eclipse point (23° Scorpio). The ingress of Haumea into the 2nd house (Virgo, Western zodiac) on Trump’s natal Quaoar is also noteworthy. We already touched about some of Eris’ transit in the above paragraph. Let’s add that transiting Eris is also trining / in sextile with Trump’s nodal axis conjunct orcus.


From the temporal activations described above, we can expect the energy related to Trump’s natal eclipse and underlying Saros cycle to build-up progressively over a decade, from the mid 80’s to the year 1994 where their manifestation should be the most visible.

Trump’s significant life experiences (1985-1994)

During the expected activation timeframe described above (1985-1994), Donald Trump’s was indeed going through outstanding life experiences that reflects the outstanding personal features in his natal chart with respect to his natal eclipse and related Saros cycles. Indeed, the analysis of the links returned from a quick Google search « Trump 1994 » are all about his monumental losses in real estate and his troubled relationship with women. 

For instance, Trump’s wikipedia page report: « Contrary to his claims of financial health and business acumen, Trump’s tax returns from 1985 to 1994 show net losses totaling $1.17 billion. The losses were higher than those of almost every other American taxpayer. The losses in 1990 and 1991, more than $250 million each year, were more than double those of the nearest losers. In 1995, his reported losses were $915.7 million. » (see Video 2). This amount of debt is certainly up there in term of all time high. He managed to navigate his way through it by clever manoeuvres that involved selling part of his buildings and some re-investments that I would be unable to explain. 

During this time, he also involved his wife in his business, which led to a notorious interview in 1994 on CNN where he famously stated that « putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing », thereby revealing the chaos and conflicts between his inherited real estate business, and his wife involved in his business. Conflicts involving 8th house matters did not end here, as he faced accusations of raping 12-13 year old girl(s) repeatedly throughout the year 1994, as reported by several media, as well as a divorce and an encounter between his wife at the time (Ivana )and his mistress (Marla; see here for details). 

Video 2. While Living Large In The 1980s And 1990s, Donald Trump Lost Over $1 Billion | The 11th Hour | MSNBC (youtube).

The correlation between Trump’s life experiences and the signature of Saros 129 and 128

The correlation between Trump’s life experiences during the dual activation of his natal eclipse, and the signature of Saros 129 is extremely strong. First, we can witness the expression of the Ixion – Pluto conjunction at work, with its note of hunger for power, staying at the top while hitting rock bottom (1 billion of debt), escaping judgment (rape allegations did not result into a trial), lawlessness, transformation and intensity, being unapologetic. The out-of-the ordinary events during this period may result from the synergy of several features: Jupiter quindecile South Node while Eris transiting Jupiter, high resonance of Saros 128 and 129 with Ixion and Pluto, and the power of an Eris transit on the ruler of the eclipse during the culmination of its related Saros cycle. 

Second, his troubled relationship with women during the year 1994 can obviously be linked with Eris conjunct mars in his 8th house during the culmination of Saros 129 in May 1994. Plus, transiting Haumea conjunct his natal Quaoar may have given him the innovative blessings he needed to pull himself out of this catastrophic (GongGong) and potentially scapegoating situation (Sedna square Orcus). Likely we witnessed here the re-enactment and dissolution of some past karma (Neptune trining the South Node). Varuna conjunct Orcus in Saros 128 may also have granted him a sense of the right actions (Varuna) to navigate through a seemingly insolvable situation (Orcus).

In conclusion, we can observe a remarkable correlation between Trump’s most vivid life experiences during the activation of his natal eclipse and the energetic signature of its related Saros cycle(s), hence illustrating once again the high explanatory power of the culmination of Saros cycles when it comes to the interpretation of eclipses.

Discussion and concluding remarks

Here we focused our analysis on Trump’s life events between 1985 and 1994 to highlight the interpretative power that lies within the study of Saros cycle’s culmination. That is not to say that the energies of Saros 129 and 128 are not relevant in other chapters of Trump’s life. If anything, the signatures of Saros 129 and 128 and their imbrication with Trump’s chart reveal his overwhelming Pluto – Ixion characteristics: lawless, power-hungry, unapologetic. No wonders the United States of America (USA) elected him president as the country was approaching its simultaneous Ixion and Pluto return. The law of attraction between Trump’s supercharged Ixion – Pluto nature and the increasing activation of Ixion and Pluto in the USA is likely to have greatly helped propel himself to presidency. This paved the way for the USA to experience its Ixion-Pluto return, as his presidency ended in the midst of America’s simultaneous Pluto and Ixion return (see video 3). Thus, a simple prediction we can make is that Trump’s prominence in USA’s politics will gradually fade away in two years or so, as the energy of the Pluto and Ixion return in the USA will gradually fade away. 

A more enigmatic aspect is the interconnection of Saros 129 (culminating in May 1994) and Saros 128 (culminating in late August 1748) and the underlying karmic scenario behind the curtains. As someone for whom reincarnation is an evidence, I can’t help but wonder at Trump’s former incarnations, especially during August 1748. Was he already involved in the making of the USA ? Intriguingly enough, a search for worldwide events in late August 1748 returned a single hit: that of the creation of the first Lutheran church body in North America on the 26 of August 1748: the Pennsylvania Ministerium. Now what is intriguing to me is that in his father’s ancestors were Lutheran, according to a Sun’s article and that Trump’s claimed to be a Presbyterian (another form of Protestantism). As he did with his father’s inherited business, he did the same with the inherited religion: he altered it. Since Ixion is all about being evicted from the company of gods and Pluto is all about power and transformation, I can’t help to wonder about the bigger picture. That of a nation founded with god-driven values now experiencing its Ixion return and its likely interconnections with Trump’s numerous incarnations throughout this era. 

Video 3. Applying Ixion and Pluto returns for the USA during Trump’s presidency. As Trump’s term progressed in time, Ixion and Pluto came closer and closer to their natal position (in May, Ixion already made one exact hit with its natal position, while Pluto was less than one degree from its natal position).  

Saros material is now available

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