Conception charts: astrology’s next revolution

Conception charts reveal a deeper yet potent layer of our psyche. Discover this new paradigm shift and uncover the primal intent of your present incarnation.

When it all begun

Years ago, deeply immersed into a meditative state induced with the intention to learn astrology, I suddenly received the vision of a mayan pyramid, at night (similar in shape to the one shown in figure 1). Stars were shining, free of any light pollution, I was standing about a 100 meters away from the small pyramid, with humanoids next to me. Without words, using only gestures and silence, they somehow revealed to me that these pyramids were once used to conceive new beings. The woman and the man would climb opposite stairs to meet and mate on top of the pyramid under the blessing of the stars.

guatemala- mayan-pyramid astro-jay

Figure 1. An illustration of the type of Mayan pyramid envisioned during my meditative state (Tikal, Guatemala).

Retrieving my conception chart

This pregnant vision triggered within me a quest to retrieve my conception’s date, time and location. It felt important, it felt essential. Especially since these feelings were categorically confirmed by an excellent medium during a trance. After three years of research spent exploring various holistic techniques to infer my conception data, and duly testing the veracity of the inferences with my life experiences and astrological knowledge (transits, relocation), It finally clicked. The inferred conception time, date and place I was currently looking at after three years of trials just felt right and passed all the tests. Since then, the analysis of conception charts, through various astrological framework, have been since an inestimable source of wealth and self-knowledge for me and a few selected clients and friends that gifted me their trust.

Conception charts: a gold mine

Studying conception chart is pure gold. Not just one more technique, no. It is a paradigm shift: il will revolutionise how we think of astrology. As I suggested in one of my previous article, we, as souls, went through many conception, birth and death cycles, and it is unclear how many of these related charts are active in our current daily lives. Through my research I now provide evidence that the influence of our conception charts extends far beyond our birth, to an extent that it definitely questions the term « radix chart » to designate one’s natal chart.

To give you a brief example of the power of conception charts, I was once told through mediumship that I was struggling between two polarities: a tendency to disappear and a desire to be recognised. This resonated deeply within me as it pretty much summed up one of my main life struggles that has being going on since I was born, for forty years. It resonated enough to put this healing theme on top of my list (and it still is somewhat on top of the list after many years). This message was given to me six years before I could finally contemplate my conception chart (figure 2). And there it was ! The mediumnic message, my life struggle, plainly imprinted in my conception chart.: the sun (recognition) and Orcus (disappearance) opposing one another and both squaring the lunar nodes. My lifelong struggle brought to consciousness through mediumship, was lying here all along in my conception chart. And this is just one of the many, many striking examples at hand.
julien conception chart astro-jay

Figure 2. My conception chart (whole sign houses). Note the Sun (23°37 Capricorn) –  Orcus (26°58 Cancer) opposition that is squaring the lunar nodes (29°12 Libra and Aries).

Accessing your conception chart

By accessing your conception data and running it through your favourite astrological frameworks, you will essentially encounter a deeper you, hidden life goals will become clearer, powerful unconscious processes at work in your psyche will be unveiled. Image what astrology brought you with the study of your natal chart and double it.

The fruits of my research on conception charts are now available. In the first study (How to determine birth and conception data), for only a couple of dollars, you will be learning about an holistic technique to retrieve your conception date, time and place as well as rectify your birth coordinates if needed, a very worthy investment if you intent to use astrology as guidance. And if you wonder what can be revealed with conception charts for yourself or for your clients, then my second study (The importance of conception charts) highlighting the immense power of conception charts in all major astrological frameworks is at your disposal. These two studies can also be purchased as a bundle.

My deepest wish

Aside from making a honest living by selling sound astrological research, my true aim is much bigger. I want to contribute to astrology. I want everyone to know that as a soul, we use the stars to shape our earthly experiences. I want to reincarnate in a better world, a world more conscious, more attuned to the cosmos and earth’s natural rhythms. I want no people to suffer as I did because of ignoring or dismissing astrology. Hopefully these two studies on conception charts will sparkle a revolution in the way we approach astrology, and increase happiness worldwide. This is my true motivation and my deepest wish.

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