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Plutino AZ84 in aspects

no face

Today’s weekly content arrived early. And it is all about the new bad boy in town, Plutino AZ84. In last week’s article, I provided you with its first ever delineation available on the web.   Of course, despite my best efforts, it is tainted with my particular chart and life experiences, having AZ84 tightly aspecting my moon, sun, […]

Plutino AZ84: First-ever Delineation

Parasited Ant

Here, I provide you with its first ever astrological delineation of the third largest Plutino: (208996) 2003 AZ84. Discovered in 2003, It managed to stay unnamed for twenty years, despite being a major player in the field. Come meet the Plutino associated with unspoken Evil, evil influence and demonic possession.  Enjoy and share the video. […]

Lilith: a primordial Yin shadow.


After last week’s article on Haumea, one of the main planetary gateways of the divine feminine energies, we now look at one of its counterparts, Lilith. I initially wanted to do a short video (15 minutes or so), but perhaps due to the fact that transiting Lilith is now exactly conjunct with my natal ascendant, it […]

Haumea: Pure Love

Since its discovery in 2003, Haumea, a dwarf planet located at the outskirt of the solar system in the Kuiper Belt (same as Pluto, only a little further away), never ceased to amazed astrologers with its unconditional giving nature. It seems to embody the loving sacred and life-giving feminine energies of the universe (whether you […]

The current Eris – Pluto synodic cycle

The current Eris

Dear reader, if you share my worries about the current state of the planet, this is a must-read. Discover what is at stake for humanity. Dear reader, I must confess feeling slightly worried about the current state of the planet: corona virus, climate change, shortage of resources, global warming… Where are we heading, really ? If […]

Tides of Times in Astro-Cartography

Tides of Times in Astro

My research on a new and powerful technic for Astro-CartoGraphy: using the planetary lines of your primary directed chart, moving from East to West. Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on pinterest Share on whatsapp Introduction Early morning at the beach, the ocean invites you and you respond. Soon, you find […]

Mundane Astro-CartoGraphy & the Gates of Hell

Mundane Astro

Discover how outer planets such Ixion, Orcus and Pluto hoovering around the earth shape worldwide trends for the generation to come. The latitudes of Hell « How old is she ? », I ask my spouse, referring to a newly met friend. « About your age », she replied, « she is born in 1978 ». « Then no wonder she has […]

What’s encoded within a birth chart ?

birth chart

The burning 1,000,000 $ question: how much of ourselves is encoded in our birth chart ? It is all a matter of perspective. It never fails to deliver. Every encounter with astrology questions our sense of identity, as well as the notion of fate and free will. Whether astrology works, and to which extent is […]

Conception charts: astrology’s next revolution

Conception charts

Conception charts reveal a deeper yet potent layer of our psyche. Discover this new paradigm shift and uncover the primal intent of your present incarnation. Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on pinterest Share on whatsapp When it all begun Years ago, deeply immersed into a meditative state induced with the […]

Deciphering the heart of Saros cycles

Saros cycles

Unravel the essence of Saros cycles by looking at their intensity peak. Discover how to access the heart of Saros cycles and why it matters. What is a Saros cycle ? Exactly 223 synodic months after an eclipse, a near similar eclipse will occur at the same place in the zodiac, a fact that has […]

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