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Donald Trump: the power of eclipses

Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s life experiences illustrate outstandingly the power of eclipses, re-interpreted here using new findings on Saros cycles. This article is to showcase the interpretative power gained by including the culmination time of Saros cycles in the study of eclipses, as defined in my previous article: « the heart of Saros cycles ». We will consider […]

Ixion, Eris and the downfall of Madagascar

Mundane Astro-Carto-Graphy provides new insights on the underlying causes that precipitated Madagascar into political chaos. On paper, Madagascar shouldn’t be one of the poorest and most insecure countries in the world. It yields a plethora of natural resources. Plus, it’s a biodiversity hotspot both for flora and fauna, and sits on huge mineral reserves. Finally, it sure […]

Gonggong in astrology finally explained !

Gonggong in astrology

Wait, what is Gonggong ? Gong Gong is a dwarf planet discovered in the outskirts of our solar system in 2007. It is the fifth largest dwarf planet further away then Neptune (with which it is engaged in a 3:10 resonance). Its highly eccentric orbit revolves in 553 years give or take (figure 1). Figure […]

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