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Lilith: a primordial Yin shadow.


After last week’s article on Haumea, one of the main planetary gateways of the divine feminine energies, we now look at one of its counterparts, Lilith. I initially wanted to do a short video (15 minutes or so), but perhaps due to the fact that transiting Lilith is now exactly conjunct with my natal ascendant, it […]

The current Eris – Pluto synodic cycle

The current Eris

Dear reader, if you share my worries about the current state of the planet, this is a must-read. Discover what is at stake for humanity. Dear reader, I must confess feeling slightly worried about the current state of the planet: corona virus, climate change, shortage of resources, global warming… Where are we heading, really ? If […]

What’s encoded within a birth chart ?

birth chart

The burning 1,000,000 $ question: how much of ourselves is encoded in our birth chart ? It is all a matter of perspective. It never fails to deliver. Every encounter with astrology questions our sense of identity, as well as the notion of fate and free will. Whether astrology works, and to which extent is […]

Conception charts: astrology’s next revolution

Conception charts

Conception charts reveal a deeper yet potent layer of our psyche. Discover this new paradigm shift and uncover the primal intent of your present incarnation. Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on pinterest Share on whatsapp When it all begun Years ago, deeply immersed into a meditative state induced with the […]

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