Casual morning walk with Pluto and Orcus

A humorous example about how planets and relocation astrology influence our daily lives, including the flow of thoughts during a casual morning walks.

Today, as I was walking home from my early morning badminton session, the sun rising over Kochi, Kerala, India, I caught myself thinking about astrology and my vocation yet again. And something suddenly clicked: what I am in fact doing is empowering people to create a better future for themselves, through spiritual practices such as astrology. There you go. I finally could name the mission of my professional activity ! « Empowering you to create a better future »… That sounded nice, and it felt right.

Then my thoughts started drifting again, like a script… My mind was realising that, funnily enough, self-empowerment often comes as a result of the acceptance by the ego of what can’t be changed (i.e. the transcendence of the feeling of powerlessness or hopelessness): by ceasing to waste energy on what cannot be changed, only then can we apply energy where it matters.

For instance, every one of us has personal locations in the world that can be very easy to live in and others that can be very challenging, as predicted by relocation astrology. And indeed, I have served numerous clients living in locations that constantly challenge the psyche, and that were paying therapists and taking anti-depressant pills for decades as a result. Most of them were simply unaware that moving a few hundred miles away would change their lives, for the better.

I smiled at the apparent contradiction yielded in such readings: realising that in certain locations, your psyche is irremediably being challenged over and over (i.e. accepting that you are helpless in a way), only to be empowered to make the daring choice to move.

Connecting such readings with the meaning of the two dwarf planets Pluto (self empowerment) and Orcus (hopelessness) and how they dance together in the sky following a symmetrical orbital system, I smiled again knowingly, as I live at a latitude where both Pluto and Orcus resonate with my vocation. It made sense to do what I do. It was a nice morning walk.

Transits during a casual morning walk

But the story doesn’t end here. Later that afternoon, for some unrelated reason, I quickly looked at the state of the sky. It took me by surprise that today’s placement of the sun (a symbol of consciousness), alongside with that of Pluto, were tickling my natal Orcus (see figure 1). I smiled again, this time bewildered and amazed: my morning walk during which my mind was offered glimpses of insights had probably been influenced by the rhythms of planets, as all things under the sun.

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