The value of readings

Through readings, hundreds of satisfied clients drastically improved their lives by making the right move at the right time, where it be relocating to a foreign country, investing in real estate, transferring money, healing trauma, accepting or looking for the right job offers, getting romantically involved, or simply living a more fulfilling life. It is my commitment to you that the value you get from my readings will far exceed your invested time and money.

Choosing the right readings

Astrology readings are extremely potent to gain clarity in order to make informed life decisions, as well as a powerful diagnostic tool when it comes to emotional, mental and karmic healing. I offer a variety of astrological readings, depending on which aspects you want to shed some light upon: a natal chart reading if you want to know about certain aspects of your existence; a locational astrology reading If you plan on travelling or relocating; an electional astrology reading If you want to know the best time to plan for an important event.
psychic reading is essentially a meditative process during which I connect to your soul and your spiritual guides. Depending on your set intent, they can take many forms. For instance, we can focus on healing an imprint in your psyche that has been unconsciously hampering you, stemming from past-lives or trans-generational memories (example here). The reading can also focus on energy rebalancing, such as cleaning your chakras and your other energy centres. You can also request to speak to your spiritual guides that will use me as a channel. You may even benefit from reconnecting to your higher self and your spiritual family, resulting in seemingly subtle yet profound and powerful life changes.
The three Strawberry Supermoon articles in my blog showcase the link between astrology and our healing agenda. More specifically, the first two articles describe how global astrological events translates into a myriad of terrestrial matters, which can include opportunities to acknowledge and heal karma. The third and final article of the series describes the psychic reading performed to heal karma that resurfaced. I personally do believe that humanity currently faces an unprecedented evolutionary challenge. All of my readings are optimally designed to guide you efficiently through this change, with compassion and heart.