Astrology & The law of attraction

The law of attraction and astrological rhythms are deeply inter-connected, and as a result, this can unconsciously influence any relocation project.

Here I was sitting on my chair and looking at a chart, again humbled by the power of life. I was staring at the relationship chart with the future mother of my child in India, where I presently live. What it was ushering to me was simple: « even though you relocated across the world, from France to India, you unconsciously managed to recreate through your relationship the key ingredients of your natal chart in your home country (Figure 1) ».

Of course, I also recognise that there is much more going on in this relationship than what is encoded in our current natal chart, as my spouse and I most certainly share a soulmate bond that withstood the test of time during many incarnations (more on this topic in my previous article). Nevertheless, this « coincidence » is in reality a prime example of the power of the law of attraction mingling with astrology.

In this brief article, I will first discuss the law of attraction, and then explore how it is put in motion in astrology. Finally, I will specifically discuss its applications to relocation astrology, giving a few tips and tricks along the way.

natal chart + relocated composite

Figure 1. My natal chart in France (inner ring) and my composite relationship chart with my spouse, relocated in Kochi, India (outer ring). Both charts display similar key features such as Eris conjunct MC, Orcus conjunct ASC and Pluto conjunct IC.

The law of Attraction

Quantum physics is now starting to validate what spiritual masters were saying for millennia: everything is vibration. With this essential premise in place, the law of attraction simply states: you attract what you vibe. If you smile, people will smile back. If you are a misanthrope, you will be left alone and disliked.

This law gave birth to countless self-help and self-improvements methods, such as positive thinking, creative visualisation, to name a few. While these methods extensively used in coaching and meditation have proven their effectiveness, they do hit a road block from time to time.

In my experience, this occurs usually when the personality who is using such methods is struggling with intense planetary influences that impact deeper layers of his psyche.

Law of attraction and Astrology

Astrology is essential for anyone who aims to understand and use efficiently the law of attraction. Simply because astrological rhythms define what we vibe, and therefore what we attract, at a level deeper than that of our ego. It is really that simple. This implies that while the practice of positive thinking is generally recommended, our ego sometimes have no real control about what type of planetary energies we vibrate, and therefore what kind of experiences we attract.

Say for instance that someone’s astrology is in deep resonance with the dwarf planet Orcus associated with hopelessness, isolation and prayers not answered. Then from my experience, that person will almost certainly hit a road block with positive thinking. Hence the reason why positive thinking and creative visualisation won’t work with certain persons at certain times (or locations).

I personally lost count of the number of clients I stopped from damaging themselves by trying to force positive thinking while experiencing major transforming planetary influences. Actually in such cases, a more productive attitude would be to great and transform our shadow self, or to relocate as to diminish the unwanted planetary influences.

Application to relocation astrology

Relocation astrology is an extremely powerful and life changing tool for people wanting to redefine their existence. Actually, it is the most potent tool out there in my humble opinion. In a nutshell, it allows us to remodulate the strength of planetary influences in our chart. And by doing this, we change what we vibe, and therefore what we attract. It is very appealing for people in dire need of a change, and rightfully so. 

Yet, as my introductory story highlights, relocation astrologers should be aware of the law of attraction and how it might bias a relocation study. Here is the source of the bias: while the conscious aim of a relocation study is to enable a change, subconsciously, the law of attraction will tend to attract more of the same. I recently had two prime examples of clients who prior to consulting with me, relocated into other countries yielding similar planetary influences, and thereby not experiencing the needed change. It also happened to me a few times during my many relocation experiences. 

However, the law of attraction can sometimes be used to our advantage. For instance, a recent client felt a calling, an attraction, without being able to describe it in more details. Looking at the client’s chart, I noticed that Haumea was at that time strongly activated. After describing and validating the nature of the calling, which was indeed related to Haumea, we went out looking on relocation opportunities to enhance Haumea’s beneficial effects. Here I used the law of attraction to successfully infer what the client wanted and where to get it. 

transparant delimiter - Astro-Jay
If you want to gain more insight on what kind of experiences you attract and how to modulate the planetary influences from which they stem:


  1. Hello Jay…very interesting article on Relocation Astrology, especially to someone like me who have been living in so many cities in Canada away from my homeland…Singapore! And you never know I might make a move again. Life is an experience if only you are prepared to take the challenges.

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