Astrology: the chicken and egg problem

Does astrology shapes our earthly experiences, or is it the opposite ? Or neither ? Or both ? Well, probably a mix of everything so it seems.

Is astrology sketching the outlines of our earthly experiences or is it the other way around ? Or neither ? Until very recently, my view of astrology was simple. As a soul, we choose the moment of our incarnation so that the state of the cosmos at the time of our birth shapes the experiences to come. In other words: astrology first, then its earthly manifestations later. This view of mine was recently challenged by an unique experience: the incoming birth of my first child.

Evicted of the labor room

Here I was in the labor room with my partner. We had been admitted six hours ago, at noon, and it was clear that the baby will be born today. The convulsions were rising in frequency and intensity, and after a peridural top-up, we decided to take a very short break to rest for the intensity of the delivery to come. It will be a « night » baby, born naturally without any birth induction.

I made sure the doctors would register the very accurate time of birth as I wasn’t allowed to stay during the birth process. I tried my best, but there seemed to be no way around. Indeed, at 9 pm, I was invited to wait somewhere else as the birth became imminent. After one last kiss to my partner, I waited. I have put the astrology of my future child aside during the whole pregnancy, but left with nothing else to do for a couple hours, I thought I might as well have a look at her soon-to-come birth chart.

The prediction that already happened

I started by casting the BaZi chart and froze, astonished. Our child will be born during a Fan-Yin configuration involving the month (Earth Monkey) and the year (Water Tiger) pillars (see Figure 1). Now, months and year pillars in BaZi represents amongst other things parents and grand-parents respectively, whereas the Fan-Yin interaction between two pillars is the most aggressive and destructive one can imagine in BaZi. Hence, If you go ask a BaZi practitioner about the meaning of such a configuration, one very likely interpretation you might get is great conflicts between her parents (my partner and myself) and her grand-parents (our respective parents). 

BaZi Sophia

Figure 1. The baZi chart of my newborn daughter. The Fan-Yin configuration discussed in the text is highlighted by the yellow box.

Here is the catch: that particular interpretation of the month – year Fan-Yin already happened decades ago. I experienced extreme conflicts with both my parents whom prematurely died in the early 2000’s, and similarly, my partner lost early her destructive father and has an ill relationship with her mother since her childhood. It was mind-boggling to witness that the birth chart of my soon to be born child will reflect something that already occurred twenty years ago. In other words, life taught me in the most wonderful way that sometimes, life experiences precede the chart.  

To bear witness

Of course, this is not to say new experiences related to her month – year Fan-Yin won’t occur in the future. Probably they will, especially during the monkey or tiger years, or during retirement with the incoming water tiger luck pillar. Yet would these experiences be the result of the state of the Qi when she was born, or the result of an inherited and destructive interaction in her lineage that requires further healing ? The causality link here is unclear. A link that was hotly debated in ancient Greece (from which the chicken and egg problem is thought to originate). The stars were seen by some eminent astrologers simply as to « bear witness » of our human experiences where they be past, present of future. And two millennia later, once again they did.

PS: After writing this article, I researched the chicken and egg problem in other disciplinary fields. It turns out that it has been recently tackled by quantum physicists and made the news in 2018. Quoting the reporting article: « Dr Jacqui Romero said that in quantum physics cause-and-effect was not always as straightforward as one event causing another. “The weirdness of quantum mechanics means that events can happen without a set order,” Dr Romero said. ». A statement which also seems to apply to astrology.

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