The tragic death of India’s brilliant singer KK

Deadly temporal activations in his natal chart were in full swing, and enhanced by the location of his last performance: Kolkata.

India recently lost one of its most famous singers named Krishnakumar Kunnath (fondly known as KK), on May 31 2022 around 10 PM in Kolkata. The tragic news came to me last Sunday (June 5th), as my partner noticed that KK’s songs were being played one after another as an homage in Kochi’s children Science Park.  « He died suddenly, right after a stage performance in Kolkata » she told me, « he had the power to make heartbreaks desirable » she added, sadly and lovingly, prior to noticing the link of her last statement with his death due to a sudden stroke. This was enough to trigger my urge for understanding… So after some investigation as an astrologer, here is my take on KK’s unexpected demise. It can be summarised by being at the wrong place at the wrong time, as you may agree upon after reading this article.

The promise in KK’s natal chart.

Every natal chart yields a set of promises. For instance, the stellium in KK’s 12th house composed of Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus can definitely be seen as a promise to impact the collective in many ways, hence is huge success as a singer. Similarly, we can identify in his chart a few promises related to his recent death.

  • The planet Venus is a potential trigger for KK’s death (Pluto conjunct Venus in the 12th, and in quindecile aspect with Chiron in the 7th).
  • As well as the planet Mars in the 11th, that can signify « public accident » (especially for people born during daytime; note that Mars is trining the nodes with the North Node in the 7th house)
  • Saturn has indeed all the potential for being the grim reaper (Saturn in the 8th house of death trines almost perfectly the Moon-Sun midpoint, symbol of conception and life, while its lot, the lot of nemesis, tightly opposes it).
  • The characteristics of KK’s death is likely to involve creative performance (such as singing, the lot of nemesis being in the 5th house) and the public / collective (as most of the planets, including the potential death triggers mentioned above, are in the 7th, 11th and 12th houses). His death may be sudden or unexpected (Pluto conjunct Uranus and personal planets in 12th).

In addition to that, let’s keep in mind that Eris, from my professional experience, seems to be involved in strokes when aspecting the sun, as described in my previous article. Finally, using an alternative take on the tropical zodiac (which I will describe in further work), Mercury is also a potential death trigger (as the ruler of the 8th house in the 12th house conjunct Pluto).

KK natal chart

When the stars align: activation of the death triggers.

Transits (the planets’ current position in the sky) is perhaps the most trusted timing technic in astrology, for a reason: it works. In Figure 2, you can see the transit in Kolkata at the time of KK’s death next to his natal chart. We can appreciate how both slow and fast moving celestial components were activating the death triggers discussed in the above paragraph. Here is a list of some of the most relevant activations, from the slowest to the fastest.

  • Eris, involved in strokes, was transiting KK’s natal Saturn and therefore trining the Sun – Moon natal midpoint as well as being in sextile with the lot of Nemesis.
  • Orcus, god of the underworld, was impacting KK’s stellium in the 12th house.
  • Ixion and the mean black moon were transiting KK’s natal IC and MC respectively
  • Saturn was tightly conjunct to the lot of Nemesis, opposing the Sun – Moon midpoint.
  • Uranus, the North Node, and Mercury were all in the 8th house of death for a while.
  • A solar eclipse just took place the 30th of April in his 8th house, with the North node  Rahu precisely at 23°11 Gemini, squaring his Sun – Moon midpoint and Lot of nemesis.

Now at this point, it is quite clear that KK was walking on very thin ice. All the ingredients for a sudden death by stroke involving a public performance were indeed present. To top it all, numerous fast activations of death triggers were also occurring during his final show in Kolkata.

  • transiting Mercury (ruler of the 8th house of death using a Chinese version of tropical zodiac) was retrograde and challenging the live giving Sun – Moon midpoint.
  • Venus, another potential death trigger, just entered the 8th house a few days ago, consistently with KK declaring to his wife feeling unwell a couple days before the show.
  • transiting Mars was conjunct natal Chiron and descendant (public wound / accident)
  • During his final two hours, the IC and the ASC, symbolising the two most intimate aspects of the incarnated self, went past transiting Eris and natal Saturn, as well as transiting numerous activated death triggers such as Venus, Uranus, Rahu, Mercury and Pluto. 

He was declared dead at Kolkata Medical Research Institute (CMRI) at around 10:30 pm, when the IC was in his 8th house, less than a degree away from the position Rahu was occupying during last month’s solar eclipse. In other terms, when one’s origin and foundations would be eclipsed.

KK natal chart and death transits

Being in Kolkata enhanced the effect of the death triggers.

In one of my previous articles, I hinted at the power of relocation astrology influencing our everyday lives. Relocation astrology is indeed a true gem: extremely powerful, accurate and it also gifts you the ability to fine tune some aspect of your chart, if needed. the analysis of KK’s astro-cartography’s chart, one of relocation astrology’s main technics, reveals that Kolkata would actually enhance the effect of Eris and Rahu, which so happened to be retrospectively fatal at this precise time (See Figure 3).

KK astro-cartography map: Kolkata

Thus, it appears KK was truly at « the wrong place at the wrong time » unfortunately for his fans. Or perhaps it was meant to be. After all, it’s all a matter of perspective. Was Krishnakumar Kunnath meant to die right after a last communion with his public ? That is not written in one’s chart and not for me to tell. This brings us to the subject of fate versus free will which I will be discussing extensively in upcoming articles, but for now, farewell, KK, and thank you for making our lives better with your songs !

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