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Discover the multiple benefits of hiring my services.

A seeker at heart, I started my journey with a successful PhD and Post-Doc in fundamental science (evolutionary biology), and then switched to spiritual healing & counselling after a spiritual breakthrough in 2014. My strong intuition combined with more than two decades of experience made me an expert at deciphering the subtle energies that shape our lives. By hiring my services, you will benefit from an entire existence devoted to self-knowledge.

Constantly learning and healing was also a way to pull through the many challenges I successfully faced, related to my family, my job transitions, my home country, my couples, my spiritual path and my health. Transmuting darkness into gold is part of my manyfold life journey and it is my deepest wish to share with you the benefits of these experiences. My services always come with trust, honesty, respect and compassion.

I met numerous excellent mentors both in my scientific and my spiritual career. My gratitude especially goes to Laurent Duret, Henrik Kaessmann (science). As for mediumship and psychic readings, I wish to thank especially Andrée and Joanne Moreau-Poffet, both from the lineage of Marie-Lise Labonté. Astrology-wise, I wish to express warm thoughts to the Faculty of Astrological studies for western astrology, to Chris Brennan courses for Hellenistic and electional astrology, and to Joey Yap mastery course for BaZi. Any occasion to share with you what I learned is a blessing.

In astrology, my innate talent is to uncover what I set my mind to, and to be able to cross and process a huge quantity of information, such as diverse astrological frameworks. Thus, I perform my own astrological research and design my own softwares to offer you state-of-the-art astrological readings.  My current view on astrology is summarised here.

Numerous spiritual teachings eventually combined to give birth to psychic readings. They offer you a place for your soul to be listen to, to heal and to deploy in the company of your spiritual guides. Depending on your needs, you will benefit from healing past-lives and trans-generational stigma, experience the re-activation of some of your soul’s potentials, and / or receive some messages from your spiritual guides. For returning clients, I often use initial astrology readings as a launchpad for subsequent psychic readings.

A traveler at heart, I lived abroad for 18 years and counting, on all five continents. Later journeys (Guatemala, Egypt, and Malaysia) helped deepen my understanding of several rich astrological heritages, as well as to test the effect of relocation astrology first-handed. I finally settled in India for now, intentionally relocating under my Venus line where I successfully found love in less than a month. We are now experiencing the magic of welcoming a baby.  All these relocation experiences fuelled my practice and my research of relocation astrology with vital information, from which you will directly benefit.

I am born with the discovery of Chiron: on the 17th of October 1977 at 12.10 am in Marseille, France. Chiron is also my Lord of the chart, my highest aspiration, with Sedna. I have Pluto conjunct IC, Eris conjunct MC and Orcus conjunct ASC. Neptune is conjunct my Moon.