Professional Spiritual Counselling

Professional Spiritual Counselling

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Value of readings


Through readings, hundreds of satisfied clients drastically improved their lives by making the right move at the right time, whether it be relocating to a foreign country, investing in real estate, transferring money, healing trauma, accepting or looking for the right job offers, getting romantically involved, or simply living a more fulfilling life.


A seeker at heart blessed with the ability to uncover, what I set my mind to.

I started my journey with a successful PhD and Post-Doc in fundamental science (evolutionary biology), and then switched to spiritual healing & counselling after a spiritual breakthrough in 2014. My strong intuition combined with more than two decades of experience made me an expert at deciphering the subtle energies that shape our lives.

Relocation expertise

A traveller at heart, I lived abroad for 18 years and counting, on all five continents. All these relocation experiences fuelled my practice and my research of relocation astrology with vital information, from which you will directly benefit

Resilience acquired through testing times

Transmuting darkness into gold is an essential part of my life journey and it is my deepest wish to share with you the benefits of these experiences. My services always come with trust, honesty, respect and compassion.

Learning from the bests

I am grateful to have met numerous excellent mentors in both my scientific and my spiritual career: Laurent Duret, Henrik Kaessmann (biology); Andrée and Joanne Moreau-Poffet, (mediumship), Chris Brennan and Joey Yap (astrology), Marie-Jo Meylan (tarot) and Alaydis Blumenthal (numerology).

A unique approach to astrology & numerology

Able to process and cross a huge quantity of information from diverse astrology and numerology frameworks, I perform my own research and design unique software's to offer you state-of-the-art astrology and numerology readings.

Specialized psychic and tarot readings

Readings are performed immersed in the loving sacred energies of Mary, the heart of archangels and of Shambala’s masters. I specialized in past-lives healings, cellular reprogramming and channeling messages from spiritual guides.

My Natal Chart

I am born with the discovery of Chiron: on the 17th of October 1977 at 12.10 am in Marseille, France. Chiron is also my Lord of the chart, my highest aspiration, with Sedna. I have Pluto conjunct IC, Eris conjunct MC in sextile with Gonggong, and Orcus conjunct ASC. Neptune is conjunct with my Moon.


From the first healing I did with Jay, I was impressed by the accuracy of his readings, and I was able to observe changes in my life shortly afterwards. Since then, I regularly call upon him for other consults, whenever I feel the need. His consults are unique and simply exceptional!
My astrology relocation reading with Jay was amazing! He researched in depth on locations I plan to travel. He patiently answered all my questions and provided insight into my concerns. Jay's knowledge of rarely known asteroids is detailed. I especially loved that he researched my Natal chart for Chinese astrology since I plan to relocate to Asia.
The vibratory power, the extreme finesse and precision of the words used in your readings, pierce the most complex situations, pierce the veils, and reveal our being. Thanks to the vastness of your tools and knowledge, you always provide the appropriate help. Thank you so much for your richness and for your guidance, dear Jay.

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